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How To Find Your Youth In Plastic Model Cars

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How To Find Your Youth In Plastic Model Cars

Richard Shepard
February 22, 2010

Richard Shepard http://theroadasacanvas.com/

Plastic model cars have been popular for a very long time. In recent years they have been making a strong come back and kids of all ages are rediscovering how much fun it is to make and have plastic model cars. Why let someone else have the fun of putting your toys together? Here are five good reasons.

1) A chance to build something

Building something requires patience and skill. As you put together more models you will get better and better. The models are all sorted by difficulty levels. As a beginner model maker it is best to start with a simple model. A working engine or a car with 1000 parts is quite difficult and you should work up to it. There are simple models that you can snap together and put on the decals. No glue required. Once you get used to the process you can move on models that need glue to be put together. You can also add more parts, decals and paint. By building something new you gain a sense of adventure as you never know how it will end up.

2) A chance to be creative

Just because the picture on the box shows the paint job to be a certain way who says that your car has to look like that? Have you ever wanted to get a Porsche with flames on it? Or shark teeth? Now you can make your very own flaming shark Porsche. Every racing team has their own color scheme and decorations. You could design the colors and designs for your very own racing team and build an entire stable of race cars.

3) A chance to have pride in your craftsmanship

As you build more models your skill level gets better and you can build more complex models. Completing a difficult model is a source of pride and makes you feel great. The time it takes it part of the joy.

4) A chance to race them

Depending on the types of models you have built you might be able to race them against your friends. In order to race them you are going to need gravity or a working motor that comes as part of the set. By racing them you can learn about power and what it takes to make a car go faster. Does it more or less weight? Does the rear spoiler speed you up or slow you down? Now is your chance to find out.

5) A chance to display them

You will be very proud of what you have created a no doubt want to show them off to the world. By putting your best work on display you invite others to see what you have created. No doubt they will be very impressed by what you have created and ask how you got to be so good at building models.

By building plastic model cars you have a chance to have a lot of fun and learn something at the same time. It seems that there are as many models to choose from as there are people building models. You are sure to find your new favorite car available as a model.

Richard love to build plastic model cars of his favorite real cars. He gets his models from http://hobbies.r-eviewed.com/model-cars/plastic-model-cars/ as has always been happy with the pricing.

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