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No Woodstock Dial-a-Ride on Dec. 24

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No Woodstock Dial-a-Ride on Dec. 24

Gus Philpott
Woodstock Advocate
December 15, 2009

This afternoon a Woodstock business person called to express his dismay that the PACE Dial-a-Ride bus service will offer only limited service before and after Christmas Day.

Woodstock Dial-a-Ride will not operate on December 24. Woodstock Dial-a-Ride will operate on Saturday, December 26, but you must call in advance to schedule it. This means calling 815-338-5240 on Wednesday, December 23, or sooner, to schedule a ride on December 26.

I suspect those days of service were considered when Dial-a-Ride contracted with the City of Woodstock, and that's why buses will operate as they will. He was told by a PACE employee that there will be no bus service on Thursday, December 24, because Woodstock City Hall is closed.

If you have ideas for improvements in PACE service in Woodstock, contact Roscoe Stelford and tell him exactly what you want and how often you'll use it.

Find out when the next round of negotiations with PACE or Dial-a-Ride will be for its service in Woodstock. Ask when public hearings will be held and how the City will learn what the residents want.

There is a new, expanded County transportation plan heading for implementation in February. A long article in the Northwest Herald within the past week explained the plan.

But, if you want more or different, you will have to speak up. You can reach Roscoe at Woodstock City Hall, 815-338-4300. Or you can email him at rstelford@woodstockil.gov

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