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Audi R10 TDI Race Car Uses Biofuel Of The Next Generation

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Audi R10 TDI Race Car Uses Biofuel Of The Next Generation

Anthony Fontanelle
June 3, 2008

For the first time in the history of motorsport and Audi racing, the three Audi R10 TDI models with the best racing auto parts sent in by Audi Sport Team Joest will compete with the next generation of Biofuel built from Biowaste and guarantees a decrease in the emission of CO2 by approximately 90 per cent when compared with conventional diesel. These models will race in the upcoming 2008 Le Mans 24 Hours on June 14-15, 2008.

The Auto Channel reported that Audi sports ground the 650-hp plus R10 TDI. Since 2006, the R10 TDI model has already won twice at the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans in sportscar events. Shell, as Audi’s development partner, produced and supplied the Shell V-Power Diesel race fuel that has been used from the very start. The V-Power Diesel is chiefly powerful and efficient improvised fuel, which is produced from Natural Gas in a method known as Gas To Liquids (GTL). Fuels with these elements are already available at various gasoline stations.

A little quantity of Biofuel of the next generation is combined for the first time with the earlier proven and tested GTL components. This also marks the third emergence of the Audi R10 TDI at Le Mans. Furthermore, BTL (Biomass To Liquids), as it is generally called, is taken out from Biowaste that is out of shape for use in food products.

"Audi voiced its support early for the use of next generation Biofuels at Le Mans. It underlines our philosophy that we view Le Mans as a tough test field for new technologies which will be available at a later date in production cars for our customers. The Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) provides the opportunity to use alternative drive concepts and fuels, which we exploit to the full,” says Michael Dick, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG with responsibility for Technical Development.

The V12 TDI known for its efficiency and fitted to the Audi R10 TDI with exquisite auto parts has already been proven and tested effectively with the most recent fuel on the dynamometer and for the period of its testing. The first public appearance and launching happened last Sunday, June 1, 2008 at the official test day at Le Mans. It usually endows with teams with the only chance to test on the 13.629-kilometre circuit of Le Mans prior to the official race.

Source:  Amazines.com

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