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Do We Pass On Bad Driving Habits?

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Do We Pass On Bad Driving Habits?

Sally Driver
1 November 2012

We all think that we are good drivers, the question is are we? Everyday we see other drivers on our roads making many mistakes. We spot their speeding, driving too close to the vehicle in front, using mobile phones, eating whilst driving, using their mirrors too late, or insufficiently, pulling out dangerously to overtake etc. All too often children are in these cars. Are these drivers' bad habits being learnt by these children? By the time they reach 17 and begin learning to drive, have these habits and other mistakes been unwittingly passed on to these children?

Have you ever thought about this, how your bad driving habits are being passed onto your children? I haven't and I don't think most drivers do.

Maybe it's a question of "do as I say, rather than as I do?" Research suggests that learner drivers who combine formal driving lessons from an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) with practice driving with family or friends boost their chances of passing their driving test first time. They are then also much less likely to be involved in a serious collision after passing their driving test.

When learning to drive it is most important that the driver training is structured correctly, the best way to ensure this is to choose a reputable driving school and a good driving instructor. Learners should discuss with their driving instructor, the possibility of private driving practice between driving lessons that they can arrange with family and friends. They will need to ask their driving instructor to set out a plan for this private practice, so that it compliments their driving lessons with their driving instructor. They will also need to check the car's insurance to see if it will cover the learner driver for private practice.

By pairing up with the new driver's driving instructor in this way, relatives can provide the best possible support and complement, rather than contradict, the key skills taught by the professional driving instructor. This partnership can also be carried on after the new driver has passed their driving test. The newly qualified driver needs to take a Pass Plus, or Motorway driving course with their driving instructor. This then needs to be followed up by their family, or friends to give them confidence when driving on motorways, or long journeys etc. With this experience they will be less likely to be involved in accidents in the future. acclaimdriving.com and their driving instructors fully support and recommend setting out such a program for their pupils.

We fully support this and indeed after my daughter had passed her driving test she drove me for thousands of miles all over the country and she really appreciated this support and experience. She also drove more carefully with me in the car, had she been on her own driving, or with friends she would have taken more chances and driven at greater speeds before she had gained enough experience in driving and handling the car.

For more information on selecting a good driving instructor, intensive driving courses or remedial driver training visit our website: http://www.acclaimdriving.com

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