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BMW Motorrad's Neck Brace System To Boost Road Safety

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BMW Motorrad's Neck Brace System To Boost Road Safety

Anthony Fontanelle
May 12, 2007

The German automaker BMW has worked with African Physician Chris Leatt to produce a device to reduce the risk of neck and spinal cord injuries for motorcycle riders.

The Neck Brace System of the German automaker is made from a mix of Kevlar, carbon fibre and fibre-glass which is a good combination that could deliver supreme strength. The system also is comfortable to wear. This is because a soft, gentle and impact-absorbing foam layer that is placed between the hardened outer casing and the rider. To easily slip the Neck Brace System around the neck, like a collar, two rapid action fasteners are fixed at its side. These fasteners allow for simple handling and easy adjustment.

The Neck Brace System was developed by BMW Motorrad in partnership with South African physician Leatt and his team of accident researchers, bio-mechanics and surgeons. It provides protection by offering a restraining effect if the rider's head moves greatly forwards, backwards, or to the sides. The rider is also given able to retain freedom of movement needed for riding, with any risk of over-stretching of the neck, in any given direction, significantly reduced. Injuries arising from forces coming down from the helmet to the spine are absorbed by the corrugated edging that surrounds the BMW Motorrad’s system. In essence, the innovative system is engineered to provide optimum protection for the spine during an accident.

Conrad Parker, the National Aftersales Manager of BMW Motorrad, said: “The BMW Neck Brace System is a revolutionary move in terms of motorcycling safety, and is the biggest step forward for rider safety equipment since the introduction of body-armour, the back protector and full-face helmets.” He added, “The launch of this system reinforces BMW Motorrad's goal to make motorcycling as safe as possible by incorporating new technology in the Rider Equipment range. I am in no doubt that riders the world over will put safety first and welcome the benefits this protective equipment offers.”

BMW, an independent German company and manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, is the parent company of Rolls-Royce and MINI car brands. The company also was the owner of Rover. It stands by the slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

The German automaker has always had a tight and loyal community following. This is because of its etched philosophy for quality. Auto parts like the BMW antenna, radiators, engines, and other auto equipment are carefully designed and assembled to ensure durability and performance. The automaker is one of the few that support product lines to their limits thus providing ‘spirited driving’ in certain operation manuals.

In the summer of 2001, the company even went further by starting the BMW Films website and offering some sporty models being driven to extremes. These videos became very famous within the enthusiast community and have illuminated a lot of auto owners searching for a sporty or fun car. However, despite the overwhelming success, BMW Films were taken offline on October 21, 2005.

At present, the German automaker is concentrating on producing product lines that are sure to catch the attention of the aficionados. The company is also absorbed in formulating new innovations to further enhance road safety and limit injuries relating to road accidents.

Source:  Amazines.com

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