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Federal Highway Administration Provides $240,000 To Help the Washington, DC Metro Area Reduce Congestion

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Federal Highway Administration Provides $240,000 To Help the Washington, DC Metro Area Reduce Congestion

Federal Highway Administration
10 January 2006

FHWA 01-06a
Contact: Nancy Singer
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Tel.: (202) 366-0660

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) today provided $240,000 in federal grant funds to help the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) explore new ways to reduce congestion through a study of regional high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes in the metropolitan area.

The grant is part of the FHWA Value Pricing Pilot Program to fund testing and evaluation of innovative ways to reduce traffic congestion. The MWCOG will use the grant to evaluate the benefits of tolling on high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes linking Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

The landmark highway, transit and safety legislation signed in August by President Bush gives states more flexibility to use tolling, HOT lanes and other congestion solutions to offer drivers more choices for a reliable trip. With HOT lanes, low-occupancy vehicles are charged a toll while high-occupancy vehicles may use the lane at no charge or at a discounted rate.

"The Bush Administration championed tolling in the new transportation law so states would have more innovative ways to tackle congestion and give drivers more choices to get home or to work," said Acting Federal Highway Administrator J. Richard Capka.

In addition to keeping lanes free flowing, tolling generates revenue for transportation improvements and expansion, according to Capka.

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FY '05 Value Pricing Pilot Program Grants





California Alameda County I-680 SMART Carpool Lane in Alameda County $950,000
California San Francisco Area Road Charging and Parking Pricing $1,040,000
California San Diego Violation Enforcement System on I-15 HOT Lanes $568,678
Georgia Atlanta I-75 South Feasibility of HOT/Truck-Only Toll (TOT) Implementation $242,388
Virginia Washington, DC Regional Network of Value Priced Lanes $240,000
Washington Seattle State Route 167 HOT Lane Pilot $880,000
California Orange County Implementation of Dynamic Pricing on SR 91 $588,000
Georgia Savannah Northwest Truck Tollway $472,000
Texas Austin Loop 1 HOT Lane Enforcement and Operations $172,000
Texas Austin Deliberative Polling -Loop 1 Corridor $160,000
Texas San Antonio IH-10 Value Priced Express Lanes $129,600
Texas Waco I-35 Value Priced Express Lanes $440,000
Florida Lee County Expansion of Value Pricing to the Sanibel Bridge and Causeway $200,000
Georgia Atlanta GA-400 Variable Pricing Institutional Study $444,000
Texas Austin Truck Traffic Diversion Using Variable Tolls $148,000
Washington Seattle Global Positioning System (GPS) Based Pricing Pilot Program $600,000
    Total $7,274,666

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