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There WERE 43 Cars in Today's Race, Right?

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There WERE 43 Cars in Today's Race, Right?

Jeremy T. Sellers
Jerm's Joint
April 1, 2007

Now, I am sure you're thinking the first thing I'm about to do is whine at the fact that Hend(p)rick finished first, second, and fourth. Well, it is my pleasure to disappoint you on that aspect. As painful as it is for me to admit this, their cars were hooked up today. They earned what they raced today. However, I believe in the post-race interview that "I won't wreck anybody to win a race" will come back to haunt Jeff Gordon some time down the road. My beef isn't with who won the race. After all my driver pulled off a top five and is digging himself out of the cellar slowly but surly. Every race fan who watched that race today should be livid at Fox's coverage.

To my knowledge, 43 cars start a cup event. Now I could be wrong, I mean NASCAR is always changing up the rules, but I'm pretty sure they haven't made it to the number that can start a field...just yet. Today, you would have thought there were only three cars in the entire race...yes, they were Hend(p)rick cars, but there were a lot of ther cars that made a good run that barely earned themselves a mention on air. Darrel Waltrip and Larry McReynolds were more concerned about how they drug their teeth and if they cupped the balls just the right way of Rick Hendrick's shrivled up schlong than to give credit to how hard drivers such as Riggs, Kennseth, Ragan, and for a while, Tony Raines had raced all day. Jeff Hammond must have been the fluffer as his hand motions were in-synch with Waltrip and McReynolds. As soon as Hammlin slid back to third, it was almost as if the "Home Town Boy" didn't exist any more. They had to immediately cover how Kyle "Keebler Elf number 2" Busch had to pit, and race his way back up into the top four. In case you missed it, Danny finished third. All I can say is Rich Hendrick has to be a tired man.

Normally, I don't have any complaints about how Fox calls a race. Even when one of my "not so liked" drivers is in the lead, or even wins. However, today pushed the issue over the edge. I know this opinion will not be popular amongst the rainbow elite, but I don't really care. Spread the love Fox.

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