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Tribute To Robert C. Harrison

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Tribute To Robert C. Harrison

Congressman Mo Brooks
Congressional Record: 115th Congress
Extensions of Remarks
2 November 2017

HON. MO BROOKS of Alabama in the House of Representatives
Thursday, November 2, 2017

  Mr. BROOKS of Alabama. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the 
life of Robert C. Harrison of Huntsville, Alabama in my district. He 
passed this life on October 25, 2017 at age 74 and leaves behind a 
wife, two children, their spouses, and four grandchildren.
   Throughout his life, Mr. Harrison exemplified hard work, commitment, 
and service. He established and owned multiple local business efforts, 
including the Bob Harrison Ford & Lincoln Mercury Dealership and USA 
Land Development & Consulting. Mr. Harrison was also a steadfast 
community volunteer, civil rights activist, and member of many civic 
and charitable organizations. He served as Vice President of the 
National Association of Black County Officials, Subcommittee Vice Chair 
of the National Association of County Officials Justice and Public 
Safety Steering Committee, and a lifelong member of Alpha Phi Alpha 
   To North Alabama's lasting benefit, Mr. Harrison was also elected to 
three terms as County Commissioner of Madison County, Alabama between 
2004 and 2012. From that position, Mr. Harrison worked to bring 
economic improvement to the northwest area of Huntsville. A few 
examples of his legacy there include the Northwest Huntsville Community 
Service Organization, the Northwest Community Learning Center, and the 
Robert ``Bob'' Harrison Senior Wellness and Advocacy Center.
   I am confident that the 5th Congressional District of Alabama is 
better today for Commissioner Harrison's dedicated service. Today, I 
join with all of those touched by his life in offering my condolences 
and prayers to his family.

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