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Congratulating Darlene Johnson

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Congratulating Darlene Johnson

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler
Congressional Record: 115th Congress
27 April 2017

(Ms. HERRERA BEUTLER asked and was given permission to address the 
House for 1 minute.)
  Ms. HERRERA BEUTLER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate 
Darlene Johnson of Woodland, Washington, on being nominated for two 
Women in Transport Awards of 2017 by Transport News International. She 
was given these well-deserved awards for Best Woman-Owned Land 
Logistics Company in the Pacific Northwest, and Most Inspirational 
Woman in Land Transport in the Northwestern U.S.
  Throughout her distinguished career, Darlene has done everything in 
her power to serve her community. She currently sits on the Woodland 
Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors where she advocates for stronger 
environment for businesses in southwest Washington. Darlene's tenacity 
and dedication motivate and inspire those around her, me included.
  Not only does she advocate for local businesses, but she is a local 
businessowner herself. Darlene, along with her husband, Jim, operate 
Woodland Truck Line, Inc. It is fitting that she is receiving this 
award for successfully running a business in an industry that is 
commonly thought to be male dominated. Those who know Darlene, like I 
do, know that if Darlene were to start a business in any other 
industry, she would go over, under, or right through any obstacles in 
her way.
  Darlene's service to our community does not go unnoticed. There is 
not an issue affecting the Woodland community with which she is not 
actively involved. She currently is deserving of this prestigious award 
on behalf of southwest Washington. I congratulate her and wish her the 
best in her future endeavors and continued success in transportation.

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