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Honoring Rolette County Sheriff'S Deputy, Colt Allery

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American Government

Honoring Rolette County Sheriff'S Deputy, Colt Allery

Congressman Kevin Cramer
Congressional Record: 115th Congress
24 January 2017

(Mr. CRAMER asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 
minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. CRAMER. Mr. Speaker, today I rise with a heavy heart to honor the 
life of Rolette County Sheriff's Deputy Colt Allery. On January 18, 
Deputy Allery made the ultimate sacrifice when he was shot and killed 
in the line of duty following a high-speed pursuit of a stolen vehicle 
near Belcourt, North Dakota. He was only 29 years old.
  Mr. Speaker, people from across North Dakota and the country gathered 
today in Belcourt to pay tribute to Deputy Allery, who has been 
described by his friends and his colleagues as someone ``full of spunk, 
cheerful, and always smiling.''
  He grew up and lived in St. John, North Dakota, where he dedicated 
his adult life to selflessly serving and defending his community 
through a career in law enforcement. In 2011, he became a correctional 
officer for Rolette County, and later served with the Rolla Police 
Department and Turtle Mountain Tribal Police Department before joining 
the Rolette County Sheriff's Office as a deputy, just 3 months ago.
  Our State is heartbroken over the loss of another hero taken from us 
way too soon, and we will never forget Deputy Allery's service and 
sacrifice in defense of the citizens of North Dakota. My wife, Kris, 
and I offer our prayers on behalf of Deputy Allery's family, and 
express our condolences and our profound gratefulness to all police 
officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect our 
communities and country.
  God bless them, and God bless the memory of Deputy Colt Allery.

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