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Remembering Walter Bialek

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Remembering Walter Bialek

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur
Congressional Record, 114th Congress
14 July 2016

HON. MARCY KAPTUR of Ohio of Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives
Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ms. KAPTUR. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in honor and remembrance of Walter J. Bialek--beloved family man, friend and religious mentor to many. Mr. Bialek passed from this life on September 3, 2009. As we celebrate Flag Day, it is fitting to recall the contributions made by American citizens. Mr. Bialek's son, Joe, has requested recognition of his father's contributions to his community of Cleveland, Ohio. Thus, I submit the following recognition from Joe Bialek honoring his father. Mr. Bialek's memory beats strong in the hearts of his family and his son offers a moving tribute to his father:

``Walter Bialek grew up in the area of Saint Hyacinth in what is now considered a part of the Slavic Village neighborhood in Northeast Ohio. Born in a house next door to the convent that housed many nuns of the Order of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, he always spoke very reverently of them about how much he appreciated the values they, along with his parents, helped to instill in him.

``Mr. Bialek graduated from East Tech High School in 1936 and earned a diploma with an emphasis in electricity. He was drafted into the Army-Air Forces in 1941 and served as a Staff Sergeant. At one time he was ordered off a troop truck headed for overseas combat in order to teach twin engine aircraft training to fighter/bomber pilots.

Through this he contributed greatly to the defense of liberty and the preservation of all those freedoms we enjoy today. After the war Mr. Bialek was offered a player contract from the Cleveland Indians baseball team but, on the advice of his father, declined it because he did not want to play on Sundays. He worked briefly for the Indians as a Territorial Scout (and kept the business card to prove it.) In 1950, he married Eileen C. Moran. Together they raised six children. Walter Bialek pursued an engineering career starting with Thompson Products-- the T in TRW--and culminating in his retirement from the General Motors Chevrolet Plant in Parma, Ohio after 26 years of service. Throughout, he was active in the Third Order of Saint Francis.

``We join his family and friends in honor and remembrance of Walter J. Bialek, beloved husband of Eileen; beloved father of Mary, Patricia, Eileen, John, Alice and Joseph. He was also the adoring grandfather of Matthew, Chad, Katie, Kimberly, Timothy, Colleen, Tiffany, Nathan, Mark, John, John Jr., Daniel, Andrew, Elizabeth, Steven and Teresa.

``Mr. Bialek's devout life was defined by his deep dedication to family and friends, and his exceptional faith in the Catholic Church. His strong spirit, integrity, energy and good works have served to uplift the lives of countless individuals, families--and the communities in which he resided.''

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