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In Honor of E15 Day

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In Honor of E15 Day

Congressman Rod Blum
Congressional Record, 114th Congress
Extensions of Remarks
20 September 2016

HON. ROD BLUM of Iowa in the House of Representatives
Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mr. BLUM. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in celebration of E15 Day on September 16th, when gasoline retailers can once again sell E15 to American consumers and to urge the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to remove regulatory barriers which prevent the sale of E-15 year round.

The EPA first created the 1-psi waiver of the Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP) to increase the availability of 10 percent ethanol blends. As a result, nearly every gallon of gasoline sold in the United States contains ethanol. However, the EPA has been unwilling to provide a similar waiver for E-15 gasoline blends. This means E15 cannot be sold during the summer months, causing many retailers to not carry the higher blend and restricting access to renewable fuels.

In response to these burdensome restrictions, I introduced H.R. 1944, the Fuel Choice and Deregulation Act. This legislation would extend the RVP waiver to include gasoline blended with more than 10 percent ethanol, allowing gas stations to sell E15 year round.

I urge the EPA to repeal these archaic and meaningless regulations and increase access to E-15 gasoline.

I applaud Governor Branstad for recognizing E15 Day in Iowa, and I hope Congress continues to work on enacting policy which increases consumer access and savings at the pump.

I am proud of the vital role Iowa has in developing and providing America with cleaner energy sources. Drivers across the country are fueling their cars with Iowa grown ethanol. By allowing access to E15 year round, we can give consumers greater choice while helping our environment.

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