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In Memory of Sergio Klor DeAlva

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

American Government

In Memory of Sergio Klor DeAlva

Congressman Sam Farr
Congressional Record
29 April 2016

FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2016

Mr. FARR. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life of Sergio Klor DeAlva. Members take the floor more regularly than we would like, to speak to the value of our friends, mentors and constituents who have left us in this life. But it is always more difficult when we speak of members of our family. Sergio was a member of the Farr family who was taken from us in a tragic car accident late Monday night.

Sergio served as an intern in my office. He was such a unique spirit. Engaging, kind and ever helpful. One of our staff fondly remembers watching Sergio engage with my constituents on tours and in the office and enjoying the smile and sense of humor he brought to every situation.

Upon leaving us, he returned to UC Santa Cruz where he ran for and won a place on the student council. He later would volunteer his time as a part of the campaign team of our colleague, Mike Honda. At 24, he had amassed a resume that spoke to the dedication and passion he had for civil service in whatever community he found himself. I was and continue to be impressed with this young man's ambition. His future would have undoubtedly been one of public service. We need more men and women like Sergio.

Upon leaving my office, interns are asked to participate in an exit interview. In this interview, the very last question asks if there is anything we should be left with. Sergio answered this question in the form of a self composed poem.

Mr. Speaker, I close with a quote from my young intern.

``I cannot tell the future

but I can see mine here

But until that day


that I will miss this place.''

Rest assured, Sergio, this place will miss you too.

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