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G. Stewart Francke: A Man Who Got the Job Done

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G. Stewart Francke: A Man Who Got the Job Done

Congressman Bob Traxler
Congressional Record: 101st Congress
Extensions of Remarks
February 6, 1989

HON. BOB TRAXLER in the House of Representatives

Mr. TRAXLER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to call the attention of our colleagues to one of my constituents who is truly an individual who demonstrated that anything is possible if you devote your energies toward it.

After nearly 40 years of automotive industry service, G. Stewart Francke, a resident of Au Gres, MI, is retiring from General Motors. He started what has to be considered an exemplary career working as a field representative for the General Motors Acceptance Corporation in Saginaw and Flint in 1949.

Having honed his financial skills, he then moved on as an officer of the Draper Group, which included Motor Finance Co., Cardinal Credit Corp., Draper Chevrolet, Motor Leasing Co., and American Vanguard Life Insurance. An individual does not gain this kind of responsibility unless it is earned, and in this position he certainly earned the respect of his colleagues.

But Stewart Francke remembered that everyone should try to provide some services to his community. As a result he served on the Saginaw City Council from 1959 to 1967, and as mayor of Saginaw from 1961 to 1965. He was president of the Michigan Municipal League in 1965, and still found time to serve at various times on the Saginaw County Board of Supervisors, the Tri-City Airport Commission, the Saginaw Valley College Board of Fellows, and the State of Michigan Boundary Commission.

His involvement with government provided the natural bridge for his new position with the General Motors Industry-Government Relations staff. He joined General Motors Corp. in 1971 and served as regional manager in the Mid-Atlantic region until 1975 when he was transferred to Lansing, as regional manager covering Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Since 1982 he has served as director of State and local government relations for General Motors in Detroit, and he was promoted to executive director for Industry Government Relations in June 1987.

Stewart and his wife Katherine live in Birmingham, MI, while his work requires him to be near Detroit. He then returns to Au Gres for the free time that we all value. I am sure that they will both enjoy being able to take advantage of this time in the days to come.

So often we hear of individuals who have an accomplishment and then decide that nothing more need be done. G. Stewart Francke is not that kind of man, and I am sure the culmination of his days at GM will only result in new challenges for him to meet.

I hope, Mr. Speaker, that all of our colleagues will join me in wishing him the very best for the future.

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