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High Gas Prices Making It Harder for Americans to Find Jobs; House GOP Taking Action

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High Gas Prices Making It Harder for Americans to Find Jobs; House GOP Taking Action

Congressman John Boehner
May 24, 2011

As job creation in America barely limps along, todays Chicago Tribune reports that gas prices are making the job search even more difficult and expensive for unemployed Americans.  According to the report:

Before a recent job interview, Alicia Madison climbed into her 2001 Ford Explorer and realized her gas tank was empty, just like her bank account.

Unable to afford gas for the 25-mile round trip from her Glen Ellyn home to the Naperville business, Madison was forced to reschedule. She now relies on gas vouchers issued by a nonprofit agency to drive to interviews.

Madison, a certified nursing assistant unemployed three months, is desperate to return to work, but not desperate enough to take a job too far from home with gas prices at record highs.

I have to be conscious of where I’m looking and how far it’s going to be, said Madison, 23, a single mother on food stamps. I don’t want to work just to pay for gas.

Her dilemma underscores the problem that steep gas prices have created for the unemployed: They need income to fill their tank but can’t afford to take jobs with long commutes.

At the same time that job seekers are finding it harder to secure work, small businesses are struggling with higher costs and lower profits, meaning fewer jobs for the 13.7 million unemployed Americans.  Heres just a sample of what small businesses across the country are facing:

Republicans are listening to Americans and will continue fighting for solutions to address high gas prices and help the economy create jobs through the American Energy Initiative.  Here are some of the steps the new House majority is taking to move that effort forward this week:

To learn more about the American Energy Initiative and follow the progress of these, and other bills that will be introduced in the coming weeks, stop by and like the American Energy Initiative on Facebook: http://facebook.com/americanenergy.

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