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Boehner Supports GOP Proposals to Deny Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

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Boehner Supports GOP Proposals to Deny Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants

Congressman John Boehner
November 14, 2007

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) issued the following statement supporting three key legislative proposals offered by Homeland Security Committee Ranking Republican Peter King (R-NY), Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX), Rep. Vito Fossella (R-NY), and Rep. Tom Latham (R-IA) to prohibit states from issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants:

Providing a drivers license to illegal immigrants isnt just bad immigration policy, its also a threat to our national and homeland security. The lessons we learned from the 9/11 attacks tell us that every drivers license must be secure and tamper-proof. We must never forget that the 9/11 terrorists obtained a total of 28 state-issued identification documents or drivers licenses.

Senator Clinton may not be able to explain her position on this, but the tens of millions of Americans who expressed outrage over this proposal were abundantly clear: rewarding illegal immigrants with drivers licenses is wrong, it defies common sense, and they will not stand for it. Just ask Governor Spitzer.

The measures introduced by House Republicans provide a common sense, responsible solution that strengthens our efforts to fight terrorism and keep America safe. If were going to get serious about border security, lets start by passing the proposals introduced by Reps. King, Sessions, Fossella, and Latham. Its a strong first step in the right direction.

NOTE: Boehner has co-sponsored each of the three measures introduced by Reps. King & Sessions, Fossella, and Latham. Following are brief summaries of each proposal:

· The bill introduced by Reps. King & Sessions would prohibit states from issuing licenses and identification documents to individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.

· The bill introduced (H.R. 4160) by Rep. Fossella would withhold a portion of a states federal highway funding if that state issues drivers licenses that are not compliant with the Real ID Act, including giving licenses to illegal immigrants.

· The resolution (H.Res. 800) introduced by Rep. Latham would express the sense of the House that states should not be issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

Boehner represents Ohios 8th District, which includes all of Darke, Miami and Preble counties, most of Butler and Mercer counties, and the northeastern corner of Montgomery County. He was first elected to Congress in 1990.


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