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Auto Show for Green Vehicles to be Sponsored by Co-Operative Insurance

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Auto Show for Green Vehicles to be Sponsored by Co-Operative Insurance

Anthony Fontanelle
February 22, 2007

Green vehicles are those considered to be environmentally friendly. And the popularity of such vehicles is increasingly growing, just like the popularity of EBC greenstuff brake components, thanks to the efforts of the global community to curb the problem of global warming. Car makers develop and produce green cars to give the public what they want - cleaner and more fuel-efficient vehicles. More and more electric hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles are being released by car companies. These car manufacturers will have a chance to show off their green cars in a motor show organized just for these environment friendly cars.

Co-Operative Insurance will sponsor a motor show just for these vehicles at the Eden Project complex from March 30 to April 15 this year. The event will be called “The Sexy Green Car Show” and it will be held at the large-scale environmental complex in Cornwall, England. The show will definitely showcase a wide variety of green cars from different car makers in the world. This is also a chance for the public to look at the latest technology being used by the different car makers. Aside from car manufacturers, fuel manufacturing companies will also be present to show what development they have had in the advancement of alternative fuels.

The motoring event was organized by Co-Operative Insurance and Eden Project in the light of a new European Union legislation. The mandate states that European carmakers should cut down their carbon dioxide emission by at least 18 percent by the year 2012. The arena where the event will be held is also appropriate for the theme of the event since the Eden Project is home to the biggest greenhouses in the planet.

In the upcoming motor show, the public can expect to see the latest green car technology developed by leading car makers. There seems to be already a strong support on the part of the car makers to the upcoming motor show for green cars as evident in the statement of David Meneer, Marketing Director for the Eden Project. “We are delighted that so many major players in the motoring world are now committed to what promises to be a world first – a show entirely devoted to ‘green’ motoring.” Meneer further added that: “Traditionally, environmental organizations have not had much to say about cars, except to try to persuade people not to use them, and more recently not to buy 4x4s. However, “The Sexy Green Car Show’ aims to give motorists who want to go ‘green’ a better understanding of government schemes such as the new fridge-type efficiency labels on cars, tax bands on emissions and variable congestion charges”.

Co-Operative Insurance meanwhile said that they are eager to support the first ever green car show in the planet. The insurance company is the UK’s first company to provide insurance for green cars. With this motor show, they are continuing their dedication to the endorsement of green cars which will help in the protection of the environment. David Newman, the Marketing Director of Co-Operative Insurance, has this to say about their dedication to green cars: “At Co-Operative Insurance, we are firm believers that every person can make a ‘tiny difference’ to climate change and our unique Eco Insurance product allows ‘green’ drivers to do this by offsetting some of the damage that their car’s carbon dioxide emissions contribute to the environment at no extra cost”.

The Eden Project already had more than eight million visitors since its opening in 2001. And with the first ever green car show in the planet to be held at the environmental complex that number will surely increase.

Source:  Amazines.com

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