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Omniscout Introduces Portable Theft-Prevention Devices

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Omniscout Introduces Portable Theft-Prevention Devices

Anthony Fontanelle
February 8, 2007

With the cases of cars and motorcycles being stolen each year steadily growing, the need for anti-theft devices is also growing. To address this demand, Omniscout has recently introduced to the public their newest monitoring and tracking devices.

The division of WorldScout Corporation which is based in Phoenix, Arizona launched two models of tracking devices at the V-Twin Expo held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company has developed the most sophisticated and most effective devices of its kind. They call the devices the Omniscout Portable and the Portable Pro. And they are calling them such for good reasons - both devices are as small and lightweight as a cell phone, hence the name. The size of these devices allows them to be easily concealed in a vehicle or even by a person.

The device is so accurate that the person or vehicle carrying it can be located precisely within a few meters. Both the devices are a combination of two technologies which make them the most advanced gadget of their kind. They employ the Global Positioning System or GPS to broadcast their current location. They also make use of GSM/GPRS wireless communication networks. The latter technology employed by the two devices allows them to receive commands with the use of the international wireless networks. So, both devices not only look like a cell phone in size but also employ the same technology. The use of the two technologies in the development of a hybrid device will no doubt be welcomed by motoring enthusiasts who wants that extra protection for their cars or motorcycles.

While the devices can be used on cars, the developers of the gadgets focus on the application of it on motorcycles. “Motorcycle enthusiasts make significant investments in their bikes, from specialized chrome accessories, unique paint jobs to upgraded parts, which can cost in the tens of thousand of dollars,” Robert Metz, President of WorldScout Corporation stated. “The Omniscout Portable and Portable Pro give users an added degree of comfort because the system will immediately alert and notify the owner if it is being stolen or even moved without authorization,” Metz further added about the devices. Other vehicles that can use the devices as a safeguard are motor homes, snowmobiles, watercrafts, all-terrain vehicles and sports boats.

The devices from Omniscout are the most sophisticated of their kind because of the fact that they are very much unlike other devices of their kind. The Omniscout Portable and the Portable Pro does not suffer from limitations that other devices using GPS technology demonstrates. This is thanks to WorldScout’s one of a kind Adaptive Assisted Global Positioning System. Similar devices can only be located by satellite signal if there is a clear view to the sky. But thanks to the AAGP employed by the Omniscout Portable and Portable Pro, GPS satellites can locate the device even without a clear view of the sky. In fact, the device can be detected with an accuracy of up to a few meters even if the device is inside a building.

Both the devices give information to the owner like the exact location of the vehicle, real time tracking, street level mapping, and cellular connectivity. Unlike other theft prevention devices which are passive, these devices allow remote controlling of the vehicles equipped with it. This capability makes these gadgets so effective in theft protection. The effectiveness of these devices is akin to the braking effectiveness of EBC rotors and calipers. With the advent of technology, its only a matter of time before we see a whole new wave of products such as these that will help protect investments made by motorists on their vehicles.

Source: Amazines.com

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