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Future Collector Cars, Exposed

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Future Collector Cars, Exposed

Anthony Fontanelle
February 8, 2007

Collector cars’ beauty is timeless and their value could become priceless in time. These cars are kept by aficionados to gratify their cravings for old yet precious auto work of art. At present, there are newly launched vehicles that are showing strong potentials to make it to the collector’s list in the future.

One of the cherished few includes Toyota FJ Cruiser. “The FJ's future collectible status comes from two factors,” according to McKeel Hagerty, president of Hagerty Insurance, “first, and most obvious, is its eye-catching design. The second is the Toyota brand, which could become as interesting to collectors as it is now to ordinary car buyers.” He also added, "There's the notion that they're a winner."

Toyota, the second largest automaker, is predicted to takeover GM’s post as the largest auto manufacturer some time this year. The former has established a reliable reputation in the manufacture of efficient cars and trucks. Its FJ Cruiser, which is given an emotional design, is the proof that Toyota has a long way to go. “The FJ's off-road prowess will also help it in the future collector market,” Hagerty added. “Car collectors don't go for poseurs. A vehicle that really delivers on its promise - whether that's rock-crawling or tire-shredding - will always be worth more.”

Another mighty contender to that coveted car collector’s list is the Mini Cooper. The car is engineered to look smaller and more captivating. Its collectible features include cute retro looks plus quick and fun quality. “It’s what the New Beetle needed to be, but isn't," Hagerty said.

The Mini Cooper also has good short-term resale value. As a fact, the Mini Cooper still costs about half its original price after five years. Most cars cost a third or less. “Resale value as a used car is a good predictor of future collectibility,” Hagerty said, “since it’s based on the same market drivers of supply and demand.”

The Dodge Viper is another viable car collector item in the future. “An avid, cult-like following can boost a car's appeal in the collector-car market,” McKeel Hagerty of Hagerty Insurance said. “The Viper is a superb example of the phenomenon.”

"The Viper created almost a new category for itself as kind of the anti-Corvette," Hagerty said. Corvette pampers enthusiasts. It is equipped with cupholders, electronic stability control, Active Brakes Direct, and side impact airbags to be more appealing. On the other hand, Viper does not customers extra favors. But its extreme pit-bull image could make it highly collectible.

Future collectibles list could also include the Acura NSX. The car is not currently included in the lineup of the automaker. Honda, Acura’s parent, is concentrating on producing a successor vehicle, nonetheless. “The NSX never changed much after its introduction in 1990 and sales had started to trail off. But it should do well in the collector market,” said McKeel Hagerty, “because of its unique status as a rare Japanese semi-exotic.”

The forthcoming auto collectibles list could also include the Audi TT which was introduced in 1999. The latter is best known for its clean lean look with fascinating flowing shapes and curves. The design philosophy made it more aggressive than its predecessors. Said philosophy could still be appreciated at some future time.

Source: Amazines.com

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