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Federal Highway Administration Authorizes Paperless Log System

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Federal Highway Administration Authorizes Paperless Log System

Federal Highway Administration
June 10, 1998

Wednesday, June 10, 1998
Contacts:Virginia Miller: 202-366-0660
David Longo: 202-355-0456
Coleen Gowen: 402-475-2800
FHWA 26-98

OMAHA, Neb. -- Transportation Secretary Rodney E. Slater today announced an agreement authorizing Werner Enterprises to be the first national trucking company in the United States to use advanced satellite location technology instead of paper logbooks to keep track of truck movement and truckers’ working hours.

"Safety is President Clinton’s highest transportation priority, and this technology is extremely important for building a safer and more efficient transportation system for the 21st century," Secretary Slater said. "Werner Enterprises is to be applauded for taking the initiative in developing this computerized logbook system, which will improve safety and increase productivity."

Federal Highway Administrator Kenneth Wykle and Werner Enterprises Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Clarence (C.L.) Werner signed the agreement today at Werner Enterprises headquarters in Omaha.

"This is a good example of how common sense government and business leadership can work together to streamline government regulations, reduce paperwork and improve highway safety," Wykle said. "Public-private partnerships such as this are instrumental in building a better America."

Werner Enterprises’ Paperless Log System is installed in each truck and is operated via a satellite location system. Drivers’ hours and activities are automatically recorded throughout the day on a computer keyboard unit located in their trucks, and the information is transferred to Werner’s computer system in Omaha.

The Paperless Log System replaces the paper logbooks traditionally used by long-haul truck drivers for tracking their daily activities and schedule. Drivers no longer have to manually draw lines in their logbooks or calculate their work hours. Without the responsibility of completing paper logbooks, drivers can focus on driving and transporting freight, resulting in a more efficient use of time and greater productivity. The system enables the company to accurately monitor drivers’ hours and availability to meet delivery schedules at shippers on a real-time basis.

"Our Paperless Log System is an innovation that we believe changes the way the trucking industry views safety," said Clarence (C.L.) Werner, chairman of the board and chief executive officer for Werner Enterprises. "The system was developed entirely by Werner’s team of professionals representing many company departments. We spent the last three years developing a system that eliminates the hassle for truck drivers in manually tracking their work and hours."

Recognizing that the Paperless Log System project required a tremendous investment of time and money, Werner said "the long-term benefits for our customers, the general public, and Werner Enterprises far outweighs the significant investment of resources."

Werner Enterprises and the Federal Highway Administration have set July 1, 1998 as the target date for the Paperless Log System to be fully operational. By this date, all Werner employees will have been trained and all FHWA and carrier enforcement officials will have been notified of the new system. With the new system in place, the Department of Transportation can request access to truckers’ electronic driving records to verify work activities and to determine if they are in compliance with the hours-of-service regulation.

This agreement is part of a two-year pilot project during which motor carriers can volunteer to enter into agreements with the FHWA to use advanced technology to manage their drivers’ compliance with the hours-of-service regulation. The project is intended to show that use of technology can improve compliance, promote safety, and reduce regulatory paperwork.

Werner Enterprises is a full-service transportation company that provides truckload and other transportation services throughout the 48 contiguous states and the 10 provinces of Canada, with trailer service in and out of Mexico. The company was founded in 1956 by C.L. Werner. Werner is one of the nation’s five largest truckload carriers with a fleet of 5,500 trucks and 15,000 trailers.


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