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Federal Highway Administration Opens Biennial Highway Design Competition

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American Government

Federal Highway Administration Opens Biennial Highway Design Competition

Federal Highway Administration
May 22, 1998

Friday, May 22, 1998
Contact: Karen Whitney
Telephone: 202-366-0660
FHWA 23-98

Federal Highway Administrator Kenneth R. Wykle today announced that the agency is accepting entries for the 1998 "Excellence in Highway Design" competition.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) program is conducted biennially to celebrate excellence in the design of highways and highway-related facilities and to recognize projects that contribute to a more pleasing highway environment.

"There is more to a highway than what meets the eye, and some of the most challenging work takes place during the design phase, long before actual construction," Wykle said. "This competition gives the American public an opportunity to learn more about the innovations in highway design that help make our system the safest, most efficient and aesthetically pleasing system in the world."

Since 1980, the biennial contest has attracted more than 1,900 entries from federal agencies, state and local governments, and design firms that have completed noteworthy highway projects.

Entries will be accepted in the following categories: Rural Highways, Urban Highways, Major Highway Structures, Highway-Related Projects, Intermodal Transportation Facilities, Historic Preservation, Environmental Protection and Enhancements, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Highway Improvements on Publicly Owned Land. Winners, to be selected by a panel representing various transportation, engineering and community interests, will be announced in November at the annual meeting of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) in Boston.

More than 250 entries were submitted in the 1996 contest. Winning projects included Minnesota’s Interstate 395 Transit Corridor, Tennessee’s Future Interstate 26, Arizona’s Navaho Bridge, and the Zuni Canyon Road in New Mexico.

Entry forms may be obtained from FHWA Division offices in each state capital and should be returned postmarked by July 1, 1998. The entry form, judging criteria and competition rules are also on the Internet at: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/engineering/HNG10/Biennial.html. Contact Nicholas Artimovich at 202-366-1331 for further information.


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