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DYB DYB DYB This Scout’s The Master

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DYB DYB DYB This Scout’s The Master

Geoff Maxted
February 12, 2014

Skoda Octavia Scout Skoda Octavia Scout Skoda Octavia Scout
Here’s the latest Skoda Octavia Scout. We haven’t driven it - it’s new - but in a world of pseudo off-roader crossover types this looks to be just the ticket for pioneering families. Skoda describe it as a smart off-roader - in every way. In their words this is a scout in the best sense and offers their customers a unique package, comprising a striking off-road look, impressive all-wheel drive characteristics, plenty of space, modern safety, comfort and engine technologies.

We all know just how good the regular Octavia is but this new Skoda Octavia Scout is based on the Octavia Combi and is characterised by a powerful, Scout-specific appearance. Both the front and rear feature beefy black bumpers with silver-coloured off-road attachments. The front features a wide air intake and sharply-embossed fog lights. The door sills and wheel arches are also in black panelling, in addition to the black protective side mouldings.

The ground clearance has increased by 33 millimetres compared to the standard Octavia. 17-inch alloy wheels are fitted as series standard. In the interior there is a 3-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel and attractive features, designed especially for the Scout.

What’s important here is the state-of-the-art all-wheel drive technology which is based on the Haldex-5 coupling, and new technological features that make the new model the best Scout ever. The traction has increased by 25% to up to two tonnes. In addition, the start-up performance and climbing power of the all-rounder has significantly improved. Thanks to the larger approach/departure angles, the Czech car masters even steeper, more challenging terrain. Like its predecessor it probably won't be up for any serious mud-plugging but for most users that won't matter. It comes with a choice of two diesel engines and one petrol. The powertrains are 20% more economical, compared to the vehicle’s predecessor.

To summarise then, the new Octavia Scout has all of the excellent values featured in the standard Octavia except that the new Skoda is just that ‘bit more of a car’: Outstanding space, maximum functionality, practical, clever solutions, cutting-edge safety and comfort technology all in a value for money package.

We’ll be able to see it at the Geneva show next month. There’s no mention of price although we should expect £20k plus I would imagine. DriveWrite is quite enthusiastic about this car. Most families don’t need a massive off-road SUV but those that like to venture further could do with something that is more car-like yet with decent off-road credentials. Like the settlers of old breaking new trails across unexplored territory the journey is always going to be better with a Scout.

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