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As Long As It's Black

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As Long As It's Black

Geoff Maxted
August 11, 2013

Dacia Duster
The budget Dacia range has certainly gained a foothold in the minds of British drivers. In these days of high motoring costs the budget ethos of the Dacia brand has struck a chord with car buyers. The Sandero is the cheapest car available today and whilst it won’t win any premium prizes it is certainly a reasonably attractive and functional car that pretty much gives drivers all they need even if it isn’t everything they want. A new car for shockingly affordable money is hard to resist. Not the greatest car that we have ever driven but for the money, who’s arguing.

Dacia, recently subsumed under the umbrella of the French manufacturer Renault, has made an enemy of the unnecessary and makes a simple range of cleverly designed, quality vehicles which unashamedly favour function over frivolity.

Dacia have not forgotten that some drivers need something a little more rugged and the highly regarded Duster fits the bill. To date - since its introduction earlier this year - the company have taken some 4,000 orders already so now they’ve announced a new special version threateningly called The Black Edition.

The Black Edition was originally supposed to be a one-off made especially for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Such was the interest shown that the decision was made to actually offer this model for sale. Orders are being taken now for October delivery.

The Black is in fact a Duster Ambiance dCi 110 two-wheel drive and it is loaded with a host of extras including a brushed black vinyl wrap finish. The interior has ash leather and a Kenwood media system. The Kenwood set-up includes a high-res screen, Garmin navigation (with traffic info), Bluetooth, DAB, hands-free and the usual connectivity. Buyers of this rugged motor will not just be delighted with the car, they’ll also be delighted with the price which is a competitive but not extraordinary £17,575. For that money some used vehicles come to mind.

As can be seen from the images the car certainly looks the part - the image shows the optional roof mounted spots which might prove to be useful for campers or other nocturnal types.

There must be something in it. Already the Sandero and Duster have won a selection of awards. It’s a no nonsense brand that doesn’t waste money on things that - for most motorists - are only marginally of value.

Instead it concentrates on real value. No doubt the we’ll see a goodly number of Black Editions on the road come next winter.

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