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SsangYong Introduces New Seven-Seater

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SsangYong Introduces New Seven-Seater

Geoff Maxted
August 13, 2013

SsangYong Turismo
In the timely manner that life sometimes has, on the day the new SsangYong Turismo was announced DriveWrite happened to be in the right place at the right time and was able to inspect this new seven seat leviathan from the South Korean company at close quarters. Sadly, I was not able to drive the thing so that pleasure is yet to come.

This is a big vehicle. I walked around it. By the time I got back to where I started I needed a shave. As you can see from the other image, the seating area is vast. The front row has the usual two seats but this repeats in the second row where there are also arm-rests. The third row bench is large and comfortable and will easily provide adult leg-room. Even with all the seats in place the boot is big and deep. With the third row down I imagine it will be big enough inside to create an echo.

The styling, I would say, is functional rather than stylish. The blurb states that the Turismo has multi-link rear suspension which is said to provide saloon car like ride and handling. Power comes from a 2.0L Diesel turbo with 155PS and a needed 360Nm of torque to haul this beast about. This motor drives through a six speed manual box or buyers can specify a Mercedes Benz T-Tronic 5 speed auto. Perhaps surprisingly, this SUV has only rear-wheel drive although 4x4 can be specified on the top of the range model.

The car features a comprehensive package of active safety features, including Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Active Roll over Protection (ARP) and Brake Assist System (BAS). There are dual front and side air bags, while ISO-Fix and tether anchorage points for child seats are fitted on the second row. Passive safety is further increased thanks to two high strength sub-frames fitted to the front and rear of the car. These help to disperse any impact shocks from a frontal or off-set collision and protect passengers by minimising cabin distortion.

The Turismo is well stocked with all the usual goodies like Bluetooth, MP3 and the like so the options list is relatively short. Make sure there are reversing sensors in the price - you’re going to need them. Overall, if you need a family sized vehicle that does it all then there is much to recommend the Turismo and, with a starting price just below £18000, it won’t break the bank. DriveWrite has doubts about the cloth upholstery standing up to the rigours of a large brood of ankle-biters and it isn’t really a looker but in my opinion it is fit for purpose. If you haven’t got enough children to launch a junior water-polo team then the smaller and rather shapely Korando might be a better bet.

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