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Hertz Bring Car Rental Into The 21st Century

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Hertz Bring Car Rental Into The 21st Century

Geoff Maxted
August 15, 2013

Road Trip Cat
For seasoned car renters there is usually an arrangement that can be made to speed the process up but for the occasional user the whole business can be a bit of a nightmare. Often, staff are harassed and some of their less discerning customers don’t help, but on the whole car rental can be a useful tool so we put up with the down sides.

Certainly, the business of renting vehicles has been streamlined since the dark ages of the previous century when you had to leave one of your children as hostage and could only do five miles before surcharges kicked in, but these days we are all expecting our experience to be a bit more special. Enter Hertz. If they don’t know about renting out motors then nobody does and they have clearly realised that time and technology has moved on, so they’ve begun a major reorganisation of their worldwide operation.

The company have unveiled "Road Trip by Hertz" retail stations located on-site that allows travellers to access everything they would need for business or leisurely travel. Customers can now enjoy concierge style service inside Hertz's facilities with a streamlined rental experience that eliminates the need to wait in line. They have access to an iPad station for researching local area information and to recharge their mobile devices, and can make use of printing and FedEx services on-site which add value to the experience, making it faster and easier. Hertz has started unveiling modernized locations around the globe, which to-date includes its rental facilities at San Diego and Shanghai Airports, its Marble Arch location in central London and its Melbourne, Australia headquarters, with more transformations planned for additional airports and neighbourhood locations throughout the year. This can only be good news for consumers and, hopefully, some of this attitude will rub off on the more budget end of the rental market.

Wonder how long it will take them to get around to their Swindon branch?

Did you hear about the bloke hit by a rental car? He cried out ‘It Hertz!’. No? Please yourselves.

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