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Cadillac Reveal A Luxury Concept

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Cadillac Reveal A Luxury Concept

Geoff Maxted
August 18, 2013

Cadillac Elmiraj
Cadillac is an iconic American car brand that is in the throes of reinventing itself after many years teetering on the edge of doom. To demonstrate that the company has serious intentions it has revealed a concept car called the Elmiraj. That’s it in the picture seen at a posh car show in Carmel, California.

The Elmiraj is a low-slung prototype two door coupé that signals Cadillac’s return to the luxury car market and fires a warning shot across the bows of the German brands. This would be parent company General Motors first entry into the luxury car sector since the dull and uninspiring Cadillac DTS which is no longer in production.

It’s American, so it’s big. That’s a given; but unlike the barges of the past this car has a certain brash elegance with steep corner angles, vertical LED headlights and absolutely massive twenty two inch wheels.

The word is that it is about the size of an Audi A8 and underneath all the finery it is said to have the underpinnings of a new full-sized Cadillac saloon presently being developed as an ultra-luxury rear-wheel drive expected in the next couple of years. It can be presumed that some of the elements of the Elmiraj will feature in this new car.

According to Cadillac this will spearhead the company’s return to the US market and also, it is said, to Europe and especially also the burgeoning Chinese market, the target of so many brands just now. In a token nod to green issues the car is said to be of light-weight construction to aid fuel economy whilst still punching out 500bhp from a 4.5L twin-turbo V8. Well, that’s really going to push the economy boundaries isn’t it?

It’s big, it’s brash and it could come over here. Absolutely pointless in the UK of course but, like all American cars of this type, it doesn’t stop us from wanting the Elmiraj right now.

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