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The Death Of The Muscle Car Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

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The DriveWrite Archives Chevrolet Camaro

The Death Of The Muscle Car Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Geoff Maxted
August 22, 2013

Chevrolet Camaro
Just to prove their point Chevrolet will introduce the new Camaro at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September in both coupé and convertible forms. We like. We like very much. The new car features a fast, low-slung silhouette and Chevrolet's new MyLink connected radio and is the latest edition of the famed American muscle car. This version represents the most significant redesign since the introduction of the fifth-generation Camaro as a concept car in 2006.

The new Camaro boasts improved high-performance aerodynamics that provide more efficient cooling and stability at high speeds, apparently. The front fascia has a wider lower grille and a narrower upper grille, while the functional bonnet vent helps reduce heat and aerodynamic lift. At the rear, a sculptural deck lid, horizontal lamps and a diffuser complete the new design. Yeah, great; but does it go? Well, power is supplied by the proven 6.2L V8 engine which is mated to a six-speed manual or an automatic transmission. You will notice in the following tech stuff there is no mention of green issues or fuel consumption. Why spoil the party? The auto model includes active fuel management and cam phasing (VVT). The manual transmission version pumps out 432hp (318 kW) at 5,900 rpm and a torque of 569 Nm at 4,600 rpm. 0 – 62 mph acceleration is 5.2 seconds for the manual coupe and 5.4 seconds for the manual convertible. That’ll do nicely thanks. Expect to pay £35k-£40k depending.

Just because it’s a muscle car doesn’t mean it is without mod-cons. All the technology and connectivity is on board, including a rear-view camera useful for getting prior notice of fast approaching blue meanies, for example. Almost unquestionably, new owners will come across these quite a lot.

Famously described to journalists in summer 1966 as a "small vicious animal that eats Mustangs", the original Camaro was built around a unibody structure and a 3.9L straight six engine. Since then, five progressively more capable generations of the Camaro have thrilled car fans around the globe. Let us hope this one successfully continues the muscle car story.

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