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Come Back Papa Tango Charlie 2

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Come Back Papa Tango Charlie 2

Geoff Maxted
September 25, 2013

Tailgating Motoring Misbehaviours
About three weeks ago DriveWrite published an article bemoaning the fact that traffic police were a disappearing breed. The fact is, it’s no good inventing new laws - like the recent tailgating business - if there’s nobody around to enforce it.

It seems this anomaly has struck a chord with the public who, in a survey, get very steamed up by a list of motoring misdemeanours. We all make mistakes from time to time but it does seem as though, as the police presence has declined, poor driving standards are on the up.

Tailgating and not indicating are the most despised driving habits among UK road users, but the survey says that the lack of punishment for motoring misdemeanours can be just as frustrating.

If anyone wants to conduct a vox pop down their street on the subject then patience is going to be needed. We have much to say about other people’s driving. Tailgating, obviously, and not indicating seems to be the main things to stick in our craw along with good old lane-hogging.

It is the absence of the cops that is the main concern. Why have laws at all if there’s no one to enforce them and dish out punishment?

Bad driving is thoughtless at best and dangerous at worst even if it is unintended. As far as DriveWrite is concerned the list below can be enhanced by adding mobile phone use, inappropriate nose-picking at traffic lights and driving whilst being in charge of a string vest. Here’s what we hate the most:

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