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Customer Opinion Counts

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Customer Opinion Counts

Geoff Maxted
October 26, 2013

Good & Bad Cars
As someone who has purchased many cars, used and new, I could regale you with tales that would freeze your blood. Conversely, there have been car dealers who have given impeccable service. If I get a duff motor from a duff dealer you can be sure that the whole world will know of it in short order whilst simultaneously getting a crash course in very basic Anglo-Saxon.

There are many aspects of business that make any one car dealer better than another. Service, ambiance and good deals are important but nothing is more crucial to a successful dealership than good customer reviews. Car dealers should not underestimate the power of the consumer. Although there will always be people who are never satisfied or who don‘t understand that a used car will be less than perfect, most of the car buying public will respond well to quality service. Often, the legends of the best dealers go unsung because we, as buyers, expect nothing less. When things go wrong however, it is a different matter and the vendor can expect to be subject to complaint.

In this electronic age most consumers research prospective car purchases online. This makes it easy to compare models, prices and special offers from the comfort of home. Customers have a right to expect the information so provided to be accurate. If, based on their research, they turn up for a viewing to find that the chosen car does not shape up it makes for a bitter experience and probably a no-sale. Because of the power of the Internet, this disappointment will be common knowledge very quickly, sometimes expressed with vitriolic directness. Even the nastiest online review will have some underlying truth at its core.

Consumers will usually find that this is not a problem at most main dealerships that deal in new and used cars. They understand that the used car client could in time become a new car client. That’s an important consideration. As a consequence, used vehicles at main dealers tend to be more expensive than those at independent garages. Customers don’t mind this because there is peace of mind knowing that a car has a good reputation behind it.

Good quality reviews then are the lifeblood of any car dealer. A decent review can bring customers to the forecourt quicker than even the most expensive advertising. Since the inception of the internet word-of-mouth has become a potent tool and car dealers should be aware that they ignore this at their peril.

Conversely, buyers need to thoroughly examine their prospective purchase and discuss any issues with the seller at the time. This is usually the way to an amicable deal.

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