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When It Comes To BMW Coupés, 2 Is Better Than 1

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When It Comes To BMW Coupés, 2 Is Better Than 1

Geoff Maxted
October 26, 2013

BMW 2 Series
Yesterday, BMW released details of its new 2-Series Coupe, touting the car's sporty looks, powerful engines and bigger size than the 1-Series Coupe it will replace. The new car will go on sale in global markets including Europe and the United States in March after its world debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

The rear-wheel drive 2 Series is longer and wider than outgoing 1-Series coupe and its height is lower to give it a more muscular, dynamic look. The car will apparently offer more headroom in the front, more legroom in the back and boot capacity is increased by 20L to 390 litres, the Company said. They went on, "There is clear water between the 2-series coupe and the 1 series." By which they presumably mean the cars are different.

BMW has sold more than 150,000 units of the 1-Series Coupe since the launch in 2007, three years after the regular 1-Series hatchback was introduced. The manufacturer is giving its sportier models an even-number designation and the 2 Series joins the 4 Series and 6 Series in BMW's line-up of coupes.

The 2 Series will start at 29,950 Euros in Germany (that‘s pushing £26k in proper money) and is 3,000 Euros more than the 1-Series five-door hatchback. How much will you bet that we’ll pay more in the UK?

In Europe, BMW will offer the new car with two petrol and three diesel variants. The M-badged version from BMW's in-house tuners will have a 3.0L six-cylinder in-line petrol engine that pumps out a claimed 326bhp. The most frugal model will be the 218d with a 143bhp, 2.0L diesel and CO2 emissions should be as low as 114g/km.

It certainly is a good looking car. The Company may introduce a convertible and perhaps even a four-door Gran Coupe version. As a personal preference BMW does not appear on my preferred list but this striking car could change that opinion in the New Year.

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