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Subaru WRX - Will They Or Won’t They?

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Subaru WRX - Will They Or Won’t They?

Geoff Maxted
October 27, 2013

Subaru Impreza WRX Subaru Impreza WRX Subaru Impreza WRX
It is usually possible to hear an Impreza coming from some distance away, sporting as they do massive drain-pipe exhausts and sounding like Brian Blessed being given a vasectomy without anaesthetic. Rumours have abounded for sometime now about a new car. The Impreza name is dropped and it will be called simply, WRX.

So, there is certainly going to be a new Scooby but the snag is - will they make a RHD version for this Septic Isle? The LHD markets, including Europe, should have their fill but what of us poor blighted Brits, I hear you ask. Well, DriveWrite had the opportunity to question a senior Subaru person who remained determinedly tight-lipped. No amount of pressure would make him crack. Word is though that a possible deal for the UK is close.

Subaru had initially said the chances of the WRX coming here were very unlikely, but a return to our shores is now ‘under consideration’. It seems that a firm decision will be made in November.

The trouble is, the company couldn’t sell the last model and withdrew the WRX STI in 2012. UK buyers thought it too expensive and too thirsty. Based on past experience I would imagine it unlikely that any new WRX could compete on economy and emissions with similar European offerings but, as has been suggested, if they can keep the price under £30k then it might have a future as it will undercut the competition.

The latest view is that it will be powered by a flat-four turbocharged petrol engine between 2 and 2.5 litres in size which will drive all four wheels, naturally. Expect a peak power figure of around 300bhp from the highest performance version. Top speed may be around 160mph while the concept’s carbon-fibre weight saving should hopefully deliver a 0-60mph time, below five seconds. As can be seen from the images it is very good looking, being wider and lower than the previous incarnation. Shown here in a smart blue paint which is embellished with fluorescent yellow brake callipers, WRX badges and exhaust tips. The classic and essential bonnet scoop is in place.

If anyone knows what is planned then they are keeping schtum. A rumour suggests we could see it as early as March next year but you know how rumours are. Scooby fans can get their hopes up but shouldn’t simultaneously hold their breath.

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