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Just The Ticket

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Just The Ticket

Geoff Maxted
December 7, 2013

Parking Ticket
If asked whether or not they had ever received a parking ticket most people will as like as not nod their heads in a resigned fashion. If asked whether they had received more than one the nodding would probably continue unabated. If asked whether they thought they had been unjustly treated most of the nodders would probably continue with the nodding only with considerably more venom and vigour.

And they would probably be right. It has recently been shown that up to an astonishing ninety percent of tickets that have been issued on private land and appealed against were issued unfairly. If you have been issued with a parking ticket on said private land - such as store car parks or hospital premises, there is a very good chance that it may be invalid.

Motorists aren’t daft. They know what is going on here. Some companies that offer their services to monitor car parks have been known to issue tickets at the drop of a hat; that simply can‘t be justified. They assume that most people will just be resigned to paying up because it is too much hassle to complain.

Things happen. The purchased permit ticket may have slipped off the dashboard or come unstuck from the windscreen. The signage may be insufficient - and hasn’t there been a lot of that in recent years? None of this counts. Revenue is what matters.

The rising incidence of this sort of unfair behaviour seems to stem from last year’s ruling that banned wheel-clamping on private land. The companies responsible have had to look at other ways of recovering that lost revenue, hence the rise of the over-zealous ticket jockeys. It hasn’t helped that these companies were given greater powers to pursue drivers whom they allege to have parked improperly (refusing to use the word illegally) on private land.

One London based outfit have had thirty two appeals against them in the last six months. They lost ninety four percent of them. What does that tell you? This sort of successful action by determined drivers has been repeated across the country. 94%!

There can be no doubt that, if all the aggrieved drivers appealed instead of just meekly accepting the situation, there would be many, many more successful appeals. Don’t let yourself get caught out. When parking make sure of your rights. As long as you have paid the correct fee there shouldn’t be a problem. If you get a ticket that you think is unfair, look at all the circumstances surrounding it; the signage and the like. Take photos if you can. There are organisations out there set up to help with advice and action. If you’re in the wrong, accept it; if you’re in the right - challenge it.

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