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One Less Thing To Worry About

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One Less Thing To Worry About

Geoff Maxted
December 10, 2013

Ferrari Dashboard
Car repairs can be expensive so, when buying a used car, it is best to make sure that all is as it should be. A crystal ball would be nice to predict the future of life with any car purchased but, given that they are probably very expensive and hard to find, a buyer should make sure that everything is double checked; and that goes just as much for the interior as it does for the mechanicals. Modern cars come loaded with gadgets. Some are useful and some are pointless but they all still need to work. MOT’s are becoming increasingly detailed and ignoring the ‘check engine’ light on the dashboard is no longer acceptable. It will therefore pay the used car buyer to make sure all the knobs and buttons work.

When selecting a specific car it is worth checking up on what to expect. Car makers have massive lists of options so the favoured car needs to have the things the buyer feels are essential. It’s not an exact science obviously but why buy a car that has stuff that’s not needed - especially if it’s stuff that can go wrong.

Checking the function of things could well be the first thing a buyer does. Why test-drive a car if the electric windows aren’t working? That’s likely to be an expensive fix. Remote central locking, electrically operated mirrors and seats and so on all have to be spot on. If a car is fitted with a sunroof, is it working and, more importantly, are the seals nice and tight and leak free?

Some built in satellite navigation systems can cost a small fortune to repair or replace and if they are disc based make sure the discs are available. They could also need updating which for some models could mean a major bill. Once the car is started and in use all the dashboard warning lights should extinguish including those for seatbelts and air-bags. If they don’t then there’s something wrong. The latest vehicles have reversing sensors and even cameras. Check for correct operation.

One thing most motorists can’t do without these days because we have become so soft is air-conditioning at the minimum and area climate control for preference. Over time these systems need to be serviced and re-gassed. Check the operation of all aspects of this. If the system is noisy or failing to sufficiently chill the air then something’s amiss. That could well be another expense the buyer doesn’t want or need.

Unlike the old days modern cars are complex machines. They can often have many bells and whistles. Things that are complex are usually costly to repair or replace so when in the market for a good used car make sure that all the buttons, knobs and switches are given a good workout. One less thing to worry about. Especially if it's a Ferrari.

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