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Deck The Cars With Boughs Of Holly

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Deck The Cars With Boughs Of Holly

Geoff Maxted
December 18, 2013

Christmas Present Car
At the time of publishing this we will be at that pre-Christmas point when you will remember all the people you have forgotten to buy gifts for. These will include your husband/wife/partner (“I knew there was something…”), children you may have temporarily forgotten about and people who it transpires are not, as you previously thought, dead. It is at this point that you will rush out into the mean streets in a last minute panic.

When you do this, you will probably go by car. Once the object of your desire, it has now become a workhorse, a faithful servant that, like the four-legged friend of old, will never let you down. So how about spreading the love? Certainly it is only a collection of metals and fabrics but surely cars have feelings too? So why not show your appreciation with a nice gift.

For a start, you could clean and polish the thing. It is an onerous task at the best of times and much worse in the winter, but even so it needs to be done. This is where valets come in. Around the country there are loads of car valet services looking for your business. You need to check them out and perhaps talk to previous customers but you should be able to find a reliable firm that uses premium products somewhere near you - and they come to the house. Under one hundred pounds should get you the full Monty, inside and out.

If that’s a bit too expensive, how about a cover for the windscreen for those frosty and snowy mornings? There’s some good ones about these days made from technical materials for no money. Your car will appreciate not being attacked by noxious de-icing sprays or plastic spatulas and you will appreciate not having to stand around doing this freezing job.

Even the most careful of drivers can be caught out by snow and ice. Many of us will have experienced that sickening feeling of helplessly sliding across ice, heading for a solid object with only one inevitable outcome. The answer is to treat your car to some new winter boots. It’ll set you back a bit because winter tyres cost money but you’ll find that they are the gift that keeps on giving.

If you’re in a particularly gay and festive mood you could brighten up that drab interior with some succulently pink seat and steering wheel covers with matching seat belt pads. Your friends will be delighted at your taste and discernment and see you in an entirely new light.

There are many things available to makes your car’s life better. Wind deflectors to stop old kebab wrappers blowing about the cabin when you open a window and don’t forget that perennial Christmas favourite - the festive furry dice! Finally, to make it a holiday to remember, embellish the exterior with fairy lights and a holly wreath. Just to show you care.

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