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DriveWrite Automotive - Six Months On

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DriveWrite Automotive - Six Months On

Geoff Maxted
December 30, 2013

Jaguar Mini Cooper Renault Subaru Toyota Skoda
After tickling around the edges for a few weeks earlier in the year, we resolved to begin putting DriveWrite properly on the automotive map six months ago and it has been a steep but successful learning curve ever since. The principal difficulty was persuading the Motor Industry that what the world really needed was yet another car website. Fortunately, the enlightened folk at Subaru and Jaguar came in early with a choice selection of cars and events took off from there.

We’ve had the chance to drive a huge variety of great cars and it is getting harder to find any serious issues with any of them. Obviously, some are built down to a price yet manage, by and large, to offer good reliable value for the many financially strapped drivers who still hanker after some new wheels.

These days there’s something for everyone. To a certain extent manufacturers are going a bit overboard on the electronic wizardry and as a consequence we’re sometimes obliged to buy vehicles that have gizmos we neither want nor need which is why, for some, the cheaper end of the market means simplicity and that’s no bad thing. Less things to go wrong, in other words.

On the other hand, of course, there are cars that defy talk of price and gadgets and instead concentrate on providing driving excellence. Cars like the Jaguar XFR-S featured in the image above (Review here). Of all the motors driven in 2013 this was our stand-out car. A truly focused driving machine.

Other cars that appealed included Mini’s quirky JCW Paceman, the fun Renaultsport Clio and the hugely dependable Subaru Forester; whilst the Toyota GT86 TRD brought back truly old school driving and the new Skoda Octavia vRS demonstrated an ability that rivals the related and more expensive Golf GTi.

When deciding upon how we wanted the website to be, the crucial decision was to ensure DriveWrite was well written and had mixed content. There are only so many matter-of-fact car reviews an enthusiast can read before there’s a hankering for a bit of variety. We hope this is being achieved.

In addition to the support we receive from the SMMT, contributing automotive brands and friends in the industry, it is great to report that Audi, Citroen, Mercedes, Peugeot, Vauxhall and others are all on-board for 2014. That’s what we call a Happy New Year. We really appreciate the support we have received from the industry and from our readers and followers. Here’s hoping that the New Year is good for you too.

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