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Resolve To Be A Better Driver In 2014

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Resolve To Be A Better Driver In 2014

Geoff Maxted
December 31, 2013

As the end of the year approaches we take stock of the past twelve months and think about how we can improve as people and citizens. Yes folks, it’s time to make those New Year Resolutions. Here at DriveWrite we have picked up a rumour that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has resolved to be a better person and will reduce the cost of petrol to 1980’s prices! What a gent! Actually, if we’re honest that might be a bit of a pipe dream but hey, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of optimism for 2014 is there?

So what will your resolutions be? For a start you could probably afford to lose a few kilos. Now don’t be like that; you know it’s true and if you want to get into those Speedos next Summer without looking like a walrus in a thong then the 1st January is the time to start. You might also want to consider what it means to be a motorist on Britain’s roads today.

With roads becoming increasingly crowded and littered with craters there is simply no point, most of the time, in going fast. Certainly, owning a powerful car is great but pretty soon there’ll be nowhere left to use it. Instead, especially if you’re in the market for a new car, why not consider one of the new breed of technically advanced cars that are pleasing to the eye but not fast. Accept the fact that whatever the 0-60 time of your chosen vehicle, when you’re eventually doing seventy then you’re doing seventy, so you are going just as fast as everybody else legitimately can anyway.

Instead of speeding on the roads why not gift yourself a Spring treat and consider dishing out your auto assertiveness at one of the popular motor racing circuits around the country. They all offer driving packages and, especially the way things are now, they are offering some very good deals indeed. It’s safe - there are instructors - and you get to use their high performance cars. It’s fun and it could be part-funded by the lower insurance premiums and road tax that a much less powerful car will attract.

As we’ve mentioned before, a little bit of courtesy wouldn’t go amiss. It is unquestionably true that drivers are becoming more aggressive; no doubt because of the many frustrations of modern life. Still, we could all resolve to be a better driver. Enjoy your car by all means but by accepting the inevitable and increasing restrictions on our roads, no matter how irritating, we might all be a bit happier.

This coming year there is a huge amount of auto excellence to look forward to, much of it on DriveWrite Automotive. You’ll begin to see what’s new from January’s Chicago Show onwards and there’s plenty of new innovations and models in the pipeline, of that there is no doubt. So in this New Year let’s all make a really determined effort to change our ways, lose some weight, give up smoking (again) and be nice to the Chancellor if you happen to come across him and his manservant slavering over the pheasant and caviar in the Harrods' Food Hall (throwing buns at politicians may be fun but is quite wasteful).

In any case, whatever you decide to do it’ll all probably go to hell in a hand basket within a matter of days anyway; but you will feel better for a while at least and that’s the important thing. Happy New Year.

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