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Screeching Brakes Saves Lives

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Screeching Brakes Saves Lives

Jason Moore
August 23, 2006

When the anti-lock braking system was brought to the automotive world, everybody seemed quite amazed by it. Really, even at present, many people are continuously surprised by what this whole invention does. And many car makers are now offering this feature as a standard option in the vehicles in their stables.

Would you imagine? Such a breakthrough in the automotive industry now gives drivers and passengers the chance to feel safe while driving. After all, just imagine that while you drive and you encounter a situation where it might lead you to a crash or collision, the anti-lock braking system, or commonly dubbed as ABS, would now prevent the wheels to lock up while you are braking. This has been created as such so that the driver would still have control of the steering wheel. That way, you can still steer clear of that big old oak tree that seems to have suddenly appeared on your path. And you would not have to rush to the nearest auto parts dealer to order some Ford Festiva parts to replace those that received those nasty scratches and dents on your vehicle.

However, no matter how great the advantages this system has, there are still disadvantages to it. Remember that vehicles equipped with the anti-lock braking system does not emit that screeching sound that has previously become the trademark of vehicles that suddenly have the brakes depressed while running under high speeds. But it was suddenly found out that the screeching brakes without the ABS brakes actually save lives.

So now you are asking how. Well, just imagine you walking down the street without knowledge that a car is suddenly careening down your way. The driver of the vehicle sees you and depressed the brake pedal. Good thing, the vehicle does not have ABS brakes so you hear the screeching sounds. That way, you are alerted that a vehicle is coming your way so you jump out of harm’s way. See? You were saved. But if the vehicle did have the ABS system, you might have been rushed and wheeled away to the nearest hospital.

Well, it now seems that the use of ABS brakes is now up to those who own vehicles. Drivers can now opt to use these brakes or not. You can now choose to have screeching brakes that may save other people’s lives or you can use ABS brakes to save your life.

Source:  Amazines.com

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