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New Zealand Eagerly Awaits New Volvo C30

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New Zealand Eagerly Awaits New Volvo C30

Kevin Anderson
August 23, 2006

Come the early part of the following year, 2007, New Zealanders would now be able to glance at and personally view the new Volvo C30.

What’s the Volvo C30, you may ask?

Well, according to the chief executive officer and president of Volvo Cars, Fredrik Arp, “The new Volvo C30 is a cool car that aims for young singles, or couples with busy urban lives. These people prioritize excitement in design and driving characteristics, and this car is designed to suit their taste and lifestyle.”

Sure enough, many customers in the auto market would be clamoring to take a first hand experience with this vehicle. Many have already seen it during its concept stage for the concept version of the Volvo C30 has been shown off a couple of months back. And it has already captured the minds and the attention of those who have seen it. According to auto experts, the Volvo C30 holds a good resemblance to the Volvo Design Concept which holds three doors and has been first shown during the Detroit Motor Show just this January.

Of course, you can say that this vehicle is unique in its own way. It is a combination of various auto technologies and auto features that works with a cool synergy which gives the vehicle a unique boost in appeal and performance. Of course, it would not come with Volvo 260 Series parts. It would be coming with its own auto parts and accessories that would give it a unique look.

The Volvo C30 is built on the C1 platform which has been a good base for various Ford vehicles. In fact, this platform is also used by the Volvo S40 and the Volvo V50, as well as the Ford Focus II, and the Ford C-Max. This platform has also been used by the new Mazda Mazda3, and the recently reloaded Land Rover Freelander. This just goes to show what kind of expectations you would be having with this new one.

This September, the Volvo C30 production version would be introduced to the public. The chosen event would be the Paris Motor Show. You certainly would be seeing a sporty vehicle that holds two doors. There are four seats inside plus a cool glass tailgate that would certainly remind you of classic Volvo vehicles.

Source:  Amazines.com

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