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Sporty Convertible Pontiac G6 Shows Great Future

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Sporty Convertible Pontiac G6 Shows Great Future

Shane Morgay
August 21, 2006

To match the performance, features, and style that the Pontiac Solstice has, General Motors Corporation has decided on bringing out the newest Pontiac G6 convertible coupe and adding it to the Pontiac brand’s line up of vehicles. And those who have already seen and tried the Pontiac G6 could attest that this newest convertible is going to be a sure winner in the auto market.

This convertible has been in production since 2005. It actually took the place of the Pontiac Grand Am vehicle and has been created to be an entrant to the midsize vehicle class. The Pontiac G6 has been crafted in three body styles which comprise of the convertible with two doors, the coupe that holds two, and the sedan with four. It was been built using the FF Epsilon platform and has been designed to be easily personalized and customized with Pontiac accessories so as to suit the preferences of their owners. The Pontiac G6 has certainly found stiff competition with vehicles like the Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata, Mitsubishi Galant, Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, and the Mazda Mazda6. But despite this, the Pontiac G6 still continues to shine.

For this year, the Pontiac G6 version came out in the month of April which is quite late to launch a vehicle for the same model year. However, it seemed like the Pontiac G6 has its own share of charm so much so that despite it being a late entrant for the 2006 model year, the units that were produced and sent out for sale were quickly sold out. So while we speak, dealers of this sporty convertible are selling the 2007 Pontiac G6 versions instead.

A study on the sales of the Pontiac G6 shows that the 2006 versions just stayed for a quick 11 days, or less than two weeks, before they were shipped off to their new owners. Indeed, who would not want to grab a Pontiac G6? You would be receiving a sporty convertible that looks real good and performs real well. And yes, the price is much lower than most. It is sold for only $29,150 which is a real good deal.

Source:  Amazines.com

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