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Sports Car Designs Tuned With New Software

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Sports Car Designs Tuned With New Software

Stacey Wilson
August 25, 2006

If you are interested in purchasing a sports car kit design for your beloved vehicle, well, you might be very interested about this one. You see, one of the popular and trusted companies that create racing car kit designs, Factory Five Racing, is having more help through a software called the SolidWorks® 3D CAD. Now, you can have a new and sporty look to your vehicle. You would not need look for Oldsmobile restoration parts or anything of that sort just to get the kind of look that you have been wanting for your vehicle.

Through this new software, the company has now more time to develop new designs and think up of new ideas. And yes, Factory Five Racing has also saved much money because of this design analysis software. Time to develop new ones have indeed been shortened. This is primarily because the software gives the engineers the chance to share their designs and it does the work later on with its fabricators. Indeed, this software can be called something that has been heaven sent.

David Smith is the president of Factory Five Racing and he emulates, “Although most of our customers are over the top hobbyists like Tim Taylor, the guy from the ‘Home Improvement’ TV show, our kits still have to be perfect all the time because we’re dealing with people with different skill levels. SolidWorks gives us a competitive advantage over other kit car companies because every part we make works right out of the box. SolidWorks lets us design and test every component on the computer and eliminate errors. It also lets us develop better new car kits faster than competitors.”

Mike Pisani also further exclaims, “SolidWorks has doubled our efficiency and reduced the amount of re-work because it gives us the accuracy we need up front. It reduced the labor costs of having fabricators hand work the frame, and it’s opened new doors to creativity that were closed to us by Pro/Engineer and AutoCAD software.” Pisani one of Factory Five Racing’s mechanical engineers.

Source:  Amazines.com

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