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New Renault Scenic XMOD - A Great Family Car

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New Renault Scenic XMOD - A Great Family Car

Geoff Maxted
July 12, 2013

Renault Scenic XMOD
The Renault Scenic has been around since 1996 as a multi-purpose family vehicle and has evolved as time has progressed. The latest redesign with hints of styling from the Clio and Captur has done away with that sense of plodding dullness and resulted in a modern and attractive appearance.

DriveWrite had the opportunity to try the XMOD version. This is supposed to offer a sort of funky crossover appeal without actually being an off-road vehicle. I’m not entirely sure that adding muscular padding like a scrawny boy in an inflated superman outfit works for me but there it is. I can see that giving this car off-roader looks will not appeal to all Scenic fans. Other models are available.

Yet looking behind the butch exterior appearance there is some genuine ability. The car features ‘Grip Xtend’ which is supposed to deliver extra traction on rough surfaces. There are three different settings: Expert, Road and Loose Ground, selected via a rotary control in the cabin. The XMOD is fitted with mud and snow tyres for additional security. This combination does not however mean you can immediately launch the car down green lanes and out on the moors but on weather battered roads and gravel it really is a comforting aid. The winter school run will be that much safer.

Boot space has increased over the previous Renault Scenic to 555 litres, which compares well with the competition. There is 71 litres worth of storage space in the cabin too and the seats are individually foldable and removable. The interior is comfortable and roomy. There’s a choice of four engines on offer and we have to say that this is car is good to drive. Performance is fine for this type of vehicle, the seats are supportive and the view out is excellent. As you would expect, all the usual goodies are either standard or on the options list. DriveWrite especially liked the Bose sound system.

With the usual automotive hyperbole reserved for the car industry, Renault reckon that this car has been ‘designed for men who are more than just dads, ready for their own adventures’. Quite brings out the Bear Grylls inside us all doesn‘t it? Also, this sort of thing is unnecessary when a car is good - and this one is. Recommended.

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