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About Car Audio Brands - II

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About Car Audio Brands - II

Ben Smith
August 23, 2006

Panasonic have an extensive product range including CD, MP3, MD and cassette players, CD Changers and Packages on which they introduced the world’s first flip-out centre speaker. Panasonic also produce an excellent range of Audio Visual equipment such as DVD players and Widescreen Colour Monitors. If you wish you can turn your car into a mobile movie cinema with Panasonics range. Panasonic Car Audio recently released the lowest priced range of In-Dash CD Players & MP3 Players that enables you to have amazing value for money.

Philips manufactured the very popular RC-026 CD changer that has recently been replaced by the VDO CDC-026 CD changer model as VDO Car Audio has merged with Phillips car audio. The factory fitted radios that the RC-026 was compatible with are now compatible with the VDO CDC-026. The VDO unit has exactly the same robust and stylish design and features as the RC-026 but has a new VDO logo badge. See VOD below for more info...

Pioneer are one of the most recognised brands on the Car Audio Plus website. They offer a complete range of in-car products CD, MP3, MD & Cassette players, CD Packages, CD Changers, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, Speakers AV products and a large range of Navigation Systems. Pioneer Car Audio are the creator of the ‘Organic EL’ display technology found on their cutting-edge radios.

Road Angel radar/laser gps detectors are probably the most respected and reliable products to aid driving a modern car and a great way to protect your licence from hidden cameras. Road Angel do not condone excessive speeding but appreciate how easy it is to unintentionally exceed a speed limit and so released this range to protect you and other road users.

Road Angel radar/laser detectors have been specifically designed to operate at the most effective level possible, both in the UK and Europe using their unique revolutionary technology.

Sony along with Kenwood is one of the UK’s most popular brands of car audio products and are industry leaders in radio technology. Offering a superb range of stylish, high-performance products at very competitive prices. The comprehensive product range includes CD, MP3, MD & Cassette Players, CD Changers, CD Packages, Amplifiers, Subwoofers and Audio Visual that includes DVD players and Widescreen colour monitors.

Sony Car Audio are known worldwide for their X-Plod range of high-performance products that have sharp looks and offer a whole new listening experience. Sony's CDX-T69 CD Changer and their classic MDX-66XLP Mini Disc Changer are fully compatible with many Factory Fitted radios with the aid of a CD interface.

Taurus have shook up the car accessory market by innovating the first ever parking sensor commonly known as a reversing aid that does not use the conventional ultra-sonic type of sensors. Taurus Parking Sensors use a revolutionary Electro-Magnetic Technology that is 100% reliable and eliminates the need to drill your bumper that leave nasty looking sensors becoming the unexpected focal point of your car.

The Taurus T213 uses an adhesive antenna that sticks like glue to the inner side of your bumper providing an extremely responsive and reliable operation, alerting you via audible tones to the whereabouts of surrounding objects when parking or reversing. Will your car remain scratch-free without one?

Toad M3 provide you with a great range of mobile multi-media products for use in the car, that include Navigation Systems, TV and video packages and the latest in-car LCD monitors. Toad, are manufacturers of the very popular 'Video Traveller' fully portable VHS video system that includes a 5"" TFT screen, VHS video player, twin speakers and comes in a portable carry case, that can be run off your vehicles cigarette lighter or the mains, and can be removed from any vehicle easily providing excellent security. Toad M3 also offer roof mount monitors and DVD players.

Vauxhall Compatible In-Dash Cassette, CD, MP3 Players and CD Changer packages are available from leading brand as trusted by many car manufacturers VDO. These very stylish radios are designed to be directly compatible with your Vauxhall dash display and steering wheel controls offering you a simple upgrade without the excessive dealer prices. Look our for the CR441XED, CD441XED, CD783 &. P6441CED.

VDO or Siemens VDO Trading is one of the leading service companies in the automotive aftermarket. Having recently merged with Phillips in-car electronics they are now using the VDO name and logo and have continued to manufacture the very popular RC-026 CD changer and have re-named it and re-badged it as the VDO CDC-026.

It's no-nonsense reliability, robust design, solid looks and ease of installation makes it a big hit with many car manufacturers and it is directly compatible with many Factory Fitted radios found in various Citroen, Fiat, Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Range Rover, Renault, Rover and Subaru models.

The VDO CDC-026 and its predecessor the RC-026 are both compatible with the Phillips aftermarket analogue range of products. VDO Dayton another product range under the Siemens VDO name also consist of CD changers that are also directly compatible with many factory fitted radios and the VDO Dayton aftermarket range of products. However the 2 brands are not compatible with each other, meaning you cannot interchange the two brands.

If the CDC-026 is good enough for Land Rover, Peugeot and Subaru then I can guarantee you, it will be a sound investment.

VDO Dayton offers a stylish range of in-car radio, Navigation and CD Changer products that meet current demands in safety and comfort. Drivers who use their products enjoy a seamless blend of high-performance navigation and hi-fidelity audio. The VDO systems give an elegant fusion of information, communications and entertainment in one intelligent system. VDO Dayton Car Audio manufacture the superb range of analogue and digital CD Changers that are recommended and fitted by Renault to work directly with their very popular Tuner List radio. Installation is a breeze as it is a seamless push-fit connection.

Visteon Corporation is one of the world's leading full service suppliers of premium quality automotive components and systems and are responsible for the superb Visteon 2080 CD changer that is one of the smallest CD changers available in the world. With its tasteful styling, robust compact design and shock resistant features you will experience hours of endless music from your favourite artists and all at the touch of a button.

The 2080 is recommended and fitted as standard by Ford and is compatible with the very popular Ford 4050, 5000, 6000, 7000 and VNR9000 radios found in the majority of Ford Cougar, Escort, Fiesta, Focus, Galaxy, KA, Maverick, Mondeo and Puma models.

If you have the 12-pin pre-installed CD lead in your boot or under your passenger seat that is an extra bonus as installation is made even easier. The changer connects by push-fit directly to the lead (where available) or to the rear of the radio. Fords investment in the Visteon 2080 cannot be wrong!

Ben is a successful technical consultant on design of iPod systems and writes regularly for http://ipodcarkitdirect.co.uk

Source:  Amazines.com

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