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Losing Cash The Ford Way

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Losing Cash The Ford Way

Chuck Smith
August 18, 2006

The Ford Motor Company has had its share of ups and downs. It has perhaps seen the best years and has already lived through its glory days. But now, it seems like those golden days are already over. And even automobile experts can attest to that.

It is not that the company is creating vehicles that are no good anymore. They do have great products in the market. It still continues to bring out auto parts for its past and present vehicles like parts for the Ford Contour. It also has to offer good customer programs as well as exemplary vehicles like the Ford Mustang and the Ford Focus.

However, their cash in the bank seems to be dwindling down more and more as the days pass. And it looks like their vehicles are not selling much despite the fact that Ford vehicles still are good vehicles. Analysts in the automobile industry believe that this could be because of the huge range of competition that the Ford Motor Company and its vehicles has. Plenty of auto manufacturers are already in the market so much so that the customers have a lot to choose from.

An addition to the big Ford financial problem would be the most recent recall that it did. If you have heard about the ‘Ford fires’ wherein Ford vehicles have been claimed to be prone to catching fires, then this recall has been done because of it. And it has affected more than a million Ford cars and vehicles. And with that huge number of vehicles to be repaired, it would then also amount to huge expenses for the company.

And then there is the issue on the company also losing around 20 per cent of its stock. Of course, that would mean a huge bump for the Ford Motor Company.

Aside from that, Ford also is looking into the Jaguar brand. They have bought the brand years back but it seemed like the brand is not making much despite it being a top quality type of vehicle.

Whatever the solution to Ford’s problems may be, many Ford aficionados hope that the company would still be saved. After all, the company and its brands have already set out their mark as the true type of American vehicle. The US auto market would surely never be the same if this auto manufacturer stops its operations.

Source:  Amazines.com

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