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Mitsubishi Takes On The Beaches

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Mitsubishi Takes On The Beaches

Stacey Wilson
August 17, 2006

What could be Mitsubishi vehicles doing on the beach? Surely, they cannot be doing some swimming for they have not been created like the Land Rover amphibious vehicle. And they sure are not going to do some sunbathing at the beach.

Well, it seems like Mitsubishi vehicles have been the top choice for the beach rescue teams at the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, or RNLI, in England. And just recently, Mitsubishi has already sent out a dozen Mitsubishi L200 4Work Double Cab pickups to various beaches in England. These vehicles would be used in beaches found to the south and to the south-west of the country.

This kind of deal is very beneficial for auto companies and Mitsubishi has been the lucky one. The company is even opting to extend this deal and supply more vehicles for beach rescue teams and maybe even be the source of replacement Mitsubishi auto parts that the dozen Mitsubishi L200 4Work Double Cab pickups may need.

You will find these Mitsubishi L200 pickup vehicles holding racks with rescue boards. There is also the necessary rescue equipment packed in the back of the vehicle like an emergency lighting system, a public announcement system, as well as a VHF radio. The rescue teams even plan on using the vehicle for towing jet skies and small inflatable boats that might need some assistance.

David Tidman is the RNLI transport manager and he says, “When we considered all of the things we needed from a vehicle, the Mitsubishi L200 came out on top. It needs to be on four wheel drive as it will operate almost entirely on sand, have excellent load carrying and towing capabilities and ultimately, be reliable.”

He further adds, “The design of the vehicle is an important feature. The L200 Double Cab has excellent space in the rear of the passenger compartment – ideal for carrying personnel or injured swimmers. Its load area is also a good size and allows teams to carry all of the equipment they need. Our lifeguard units are very high profile, so with its modern styling, together with the equipment and sign writing added, the new Mitsubishi L200 really looks the part and conveys the professionalism of our teams, their training and equipment.”

Source:  Amazines.com

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