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iPod For Mazda Vehicles

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iPod For Mazda Vehicles

Jennifer Dylan
August 17, 2006

Who will be the very first auto maker to offer an iPod® connection for their vehicles?

All auto makers have been scrambling so that they could offer such a feature and so they will become the very first to do so. And it looks like the Mazda Motor Corporation is going to win the race. It is now the very first to deploy iPod® connectivity in vehicles all around the globe.

The Mazda Motor Corporation will soon be introducing an adapter that would allow owners to connect their Apple iPod digital music player to the audio system of any Mazda vehicle. This has become a reality because of the iPod®1 connection adapter that the auto maker has created. So now, Mazda owners can sure enjoy any music that they have carefully selected in their iPod® units by connecting this device to the vehicle’s audio system. There is no need to add in new gadgets and install new devices. You even would not have to sacrifice any of your Mazda auto parts to give space for new speakers or audio systems.

What features that this Mazda iPod® connection adaptor have to offer Mazda owners? First off, you can enjoy the quality audio from your iPod® unit with the connection adaptor. And because it is connected to the Mazda audio system, you get the best kind of music and sound and you will notice that the entertainment is really clear. And because it is the iPod which is connected, you can choose the songs yourself. You can switch on your iPod menu and have your songs play at random. You can even adjust the volume of the system through the factory-installed Mazda audio system or simply through the iPod itself. You see, you can also adjust the volume through the steering wheel. That is, if the steering wheel has been created with audio control switches. You also would not have to worry about charging your device for once it is connected, it makes use of the power from your vehicle.

Mazda has set that on the 22nd of August, they would be launching this accessory in Japan. And after that event, this would be sent out on sale in various Mazda dealers all around the globe.

Source:  Amazines.com

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