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Auto Organizations Work Together

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Auto Organizations Work Together

Shane Morgay
August 17, 2006

There are many organizations in the auto industry. Each of these organizations has their own unique goal and their own unique vision. There are those that focus on consumers’ welfare. There are some that come together for the latest updates and news in the whole industry. There are also those that have been created out of common interests in vehicle makes or models. Maybe there are even organizations who help out their members know where to find the best type of auto parts like Plymouth body parts. However, what makes these organizations just like each other is that all are interested in anything or everything in the automotive world.

Now, two organizations in the auto world have decided to join their efforts and work together. The non-profit organization Automotive Undercar Trade Organization, or more known as AUTO, would be working with the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, or AAIA. AUTO would be working as one of the newest arms of the AAIA.

Malcolm Sissmore is the president for AUTO and he also is the vice president of Ultrafit Exhaust Systems’ sales and marketing department. He explains, “AUTO members will greatly benefit by operating under the AAIA umbrella. AUTO will still be AUTO, only better, by leveraging the extensive resources and benefits offered by AAIA to achieve its objectives.” He even further expreses, “AUTO will continue to maintain its own board of directors and traditional membership benefits and programs, including participating in Showpower and the Face 2 Face Conference.”

What AUTO does is it provides its members with benefits and even sources of information on the industry. And when its members do decide to go to vehicle manufacturers, or warehouses and even service centers, they also do get the advantage of receiving added services.

As per the AAIA’s background, this organization is made up of more than 8000 companies as members. These companies are those which are affiliated with auto industry specializations like manufacturing, distribution, and even marketing and sales.

Indeed, AUTO’s decision would give its members the chance to expand their horizons and benefit greatly in return. AAIA seems like a good organization to deal with.

Source:  Amazines.com

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