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Austin Receives Ford Escape Hybrid Case Taxi Study

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Austin Receives Ford Escape Hybrid Case Taxi Study

Jay Stevens
August 17, 2006

If you have not yet heard about it, the Ford Motor Company has been roaming key cities in the United States and it has been presenting the Ford Escape Hybrid. It is all part of increasing awareness of city officials and of common citizens on the advantages and benefits that hybrid vehicles, like the Ford Escape Hybrid, have to offer owners, drivers, and the environment as a whole.

The company has already presented these pieces of information to various cities in the US which includes San Francisco in California, New York, and Chicago in the state of Illinois. And wherever they go, these cities are also able to successfully have hybrid-electric vehicles used for various purposes. This move is also part of these cities’ goals to have cleaner air and to assist their citizens save on the high priced fuel. The benefits of hybrids range from simple economic to hugely environmental. And maintenance is easy for sources of Ford Galaxie parts are also now offering replacement parts for this type of revolutionary vehicle. San Francisco, New York, and Chicago have now turned to hybrid electric vehicles for use in their areas as taxi cabs and even as municipal fleet vehicles.

The 9th of August has been the scheduled date for the City of Austin in Texas. And what the Ford Motor Company would be doing here would be to present the case study that they did on the Ford Escape Hybrid units that have been used as taxi cabs. The company would be presenting the data and information on this study to Austin’s mayor, Mayor Wynn, along with the representatives from the city. Representatives from various organizations like Austin Energy would also be there as well as managers of local commercial fleets.

Presentation of this case study would be done on the mentioned date and would be held at Austin’s city hall. At 11 in the morning, the Hybrid Taxi Technology Clinic would then begin and after half an hour, any person who had questions about hybrid vehicles would be able to shoot these away at the Ford Motor Company’s experts.

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