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Ford Recalls Vehicles Because Of Faulty Cruise Control

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Ford Recalls Vehicles Because Of Faulty Cruise Control

Chuck Smith
August 17, 2006

We all have heard about those complaints against Ford vehicles. Not all Ford vehicles though. Just some. Especially about those vehicles that seem to have some kind of problem with their cruise control systems.

Now, the Ford Motor Company has made sure that the numbers of complainants would not continue to rise. And what they are doing is that they have already sent out a recall for those Ford vehicles that have a problem with their cruise control systems. What is quite alarming about this problem is that the system also is quite prone to catching fire which could bring about grave danger to those who are inside the vehicle and also those who are around the vehicle.

Experts in the automotive world might still be wondering what kind of effect this might have on the company. After all, they are already going through much financial troubles at the moment. Of course, it would mean that they would have to spend much on the repair of millions of Ford vehicles afflicted with the problem. Although Ford Bronco II parts not included in the parts that they would be needing for the mentioned repairs, the number and the variety of vehicles with the cruise control system problem is quite huge it would mean shelling out and losing a huge amount of money for the company.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, they have already found the source of the problem. The whole problem has been dubbed as the ‘Ford fires’ and it has been actually one of the largest investigations that this arm of the government has done. Rae Tyson, one of the organization’s spokespersons, claims, “They’re confident, and we’re confident, that this will address all the vehicles that potentially have a problem.”

On the side of the auto manufacturer, they are not disclosing how much they are expecting to spend to repair all those affected vehicles. But they have informed the public that they would be installing and putting in protective wire harnesses near the cruise control systems. They would be doing this for the millions of vehicles that they think are also prone to catch fires.

Ford Parts Discount http://www.americanbodyparts.com/auto-body-parts/ford-bronco-ii-parts.html Chuck, a 38 year old freelance writer from Charleston, South Carolina, has been specializing on automotive-related articles and news. He has a degree in Automotive Technology. ###

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