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The Advantageous Hybrid Cars

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The Advantageous Hybrid Cars

Jennifer Dylan
August 16, 2006

Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid and Lexus GS 450h are just some of the hybrid cars available on the market. Toyota Pruis is the number one best selling hybrid car. Because it has more space, power and functionality, it maintained its reputation as the most sought after hybrid car of today. Honda Civic runs the second to this car.

Why do you choose to have a hybrid car? Hybrid cars can be complicated aside from being expensive. Of course, who would not be proud to drive a car worth half a million dollars? Car enthusiasts choose to buy hybrid cars because not everyone can afford to have it. You need to have bulks of dollars to have one. However, hybrid cars are more preferred by many. Why? Read on and find out.

Like conventional cars, hybrid car parts are also replaceable. Plus, hybrid auto parts sources are found everywhere. For Toyota Camry Hybrid, online Toyota car parts are always available. For example, if the joint ball of your Toyota Camry Hybrid is used up, you can always replace it with an authentic Toyota Camry Ball Joint. So, it will look and function like new again.

Hybrid cars are environment friendly as it has 90% fewer emissions. It is also beneficial to health especially if you have kids. Scientists believe that hybrid cars do not contribute much on air pollution thus it reduces the possibility of global warming. It has reduced oil dependency which adds 15% to 30% more on fuel efficiency.

To top it all, hybrid car owners save on tax. The IRS has adopted large tax credit for purchase of new hybrid automobiles. But remember, these are credits, not deductions. The tax being paid depends upon the model of a particular hybrid car. The law states that every automaker is only allowed 60,000 vehicles to avail of the credit limit. It means that famous models should be sold out before Dec 31, 2010, the expiration date.

Now, why should you buy a hybrid car? Of course, it is as reliable and comfortable as conventional cars. And with these reasons, should you not get one?

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