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Changes For The 2007 Ford F150

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Changes For The 2007 Ford F150

Jason Moore
August 16, 2006

The year 2007 is drawing nearer and nearer each day. With that, like all other auto manufacturers, the Ford Motor Company is making sure that their flagship American pickup truck – the Ford F150 – would also be welcoming the new year with new looks, new features, and new capabilities.

Two new body styles would be made available for the 2007 Ford F150 – the Ford F150 FX2 Sport and the Harley Davidson Super Crew. Compared to the previous models, this new one would be having a capacity to tow equipment 600 pounds greater. It would also be coming with the best kind of warranty and roadside assistance in the entire full sized pickup truck segment. And what is good news is that this pickup truck would be offered at prices lower than before. Imagine having to save $1400 which you most certainly can use to purchase other things like the early auto parts Ford Falcon that your father has been searching for.

The Ford F150 Regular Cab model would be tagged at $720 less. Some $830 would be deducted off all Super Cab models. And the Super Crew models would be coming with $949 off their price. So in summation, the Ford F150 XL Regular Cab 4x2 would now be priced at only $19,120 and the highly equipped Ford F150 Lariat King Ranch Super Crew 4x4 would hold a tag price that says $39,565. Indeed, this is not a bad deal for such a coveted American pickup truck.

The Ford Brand Group’s marketing manager, John Felice, finds this move to be beneficial not only for the company’s sales but also for customers. He further states, “The Ford F series has been gaining market share this year and we are well on our way to our 30th consecutive year as the full sized truck leader, thanks to a philosophy of putting the customer’s needs first. It is a philosophy that has helped shape the Way Forward plan and our drive to systematically improve the value and appeal of all Ford products through bold design, more standard features, greater capability, straightforward pricing and superior warranty and roadside assistance coverage.”

Ford Parts and Ford Auto Parts http://www.premiumcarparts.com/ford-falcon-parts.html Jason Moore, a 35 year old freelance writer from Austin, Texas. He also works as a marketing analyst for an established auto parts store in the country. ###

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